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Buyers wrote reviews about True Sandal Bath Salts - 2 oz - Bath Salt usually because they are very happy or very disappointed about the product. If you decide to buy True Sandal Bath Salts - 2 oz - Bath Salt, please post a review of your experience. Maroma USA Bath Salts True True Sandal - 2 oz. oz. (60 g) Maroma USA USA Bath Salts True Sandal Sandal is simply formulated to to be truly pure and and natural.Maroma's guiding philosophy for for ingredients is - if if it doesn't need to to be there, why put put it in? There are are no dyes, preservatives or or artificial additives in Maroma Maroma USA Bath Salts True True Sandal. Instead, Maroma USA USA Bath Salts True Sandal Sandal isloaded with botanical extracts, extracts, essential oils and natural natural minerals. Welcome to Maroma Maroma USA! You are about about to discover natural home home fragrance products that were were born of a place place that combines the time time proven methodology of an an ancient civilization with a a singularly French predilection for for composing perfectly balanced aromatics. aromatics. The use of natural natural plant extracts to blend blend fragrance is integral to to the 5000 year old old cultural tradition of our our home in Auroville, in in the Coromandel Coast region region of India. Pondicherry,a neighboring neighboring city was formerly a a French trading colony supplying supplying European perfume makers. The The area's incense production is is world renowned, and naturopathic naturopathic herbal healing has been been a way of life life here for countless generations. generations. Maroma has utilized all all of this rich cultural cultural background and combined it it with a very contemporary contemporary commitment to Earth-friendly product product content and environmentally responsible responsible manufacturing practices. This has has resulted in a truly truly superior and diverse range range of aromatic products. All All ofMaroma's home fragrance items items were formulated with essential essential oils to elevate the the ambience of a room room by clearing and refreshing refreshing the air. The natural natural extracts intheir personal care care products such as soap, soap, bath salts and perfume perfume were blended to promote promote a soothing sense of of well-being and inner balance. balance. Maroma's Concern for the the Environment Maroma'shead offices and and manufacturing facilities are located located in India, which is is one of the most most beautiful but densely populated populated countries in the world. world.