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Buyers wrote reviews about 100% Pure Lavender Sedative Vapor Bath usually because they are very happy or very disappointed about the product. If you decide to buy 100% Pure Lavender Sedative Vapor Bath, please post a review of your experience. Highly Therapeutic bath made with with sake, japanese rice wine wine and pure medicinal lavender lavender essential oil. Sake is is rich with amino acids, acids, malic acid, peptides, lactic lactic acid and minerals to to make your skin silky silky smooth and soft. Just Just as drinking sake relaxes relaxes you, sakes gets absorbed absorbed to deeply relax muscles muscles and relieve tension. Pure Pure Lavender essential oil calms, calms, alleviates stressful thoughts and and helps to sedate you you for restful sleep. 100% 100% natural bath beautifies, relaxes relaxes and soothes your cold cold and flu. This medicinal medicinal bathing experience is Truly Truly 100% Pure! No synthetic synthetic chemicals, no artificial fragrances, fragrances, no chemical preservatives or or any other toxins.