Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 Review

The bottom line of Alcatel Onetouch Idol 3 Smartphone


  • Imposing plastic design
  • Sharp Full HD screen
  • Splendid sounding speakers
  • Unique Android tweaks


  • Lagged when multitasking
  • Unfulfilling 13 megapixel shooting

Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 – What is this?

Alcatel OneTouch has released the newest member of its Idol Smarphone family – the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3. This phone is fairly special as it is globally distributed and can be bought through Alcatel online shopping websites.

Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 has unique design of two similar dimensions, meaning that you can hear or call in both directions of holding. This device is also outfitted with a 1.2W JBL stereo loudspeaker and Harman Clari-Fi sound technology.

Alcatel Onetouch Idol 3 Review Buy

Alcatel Onetouch Idol 3 Review Buy

This Idol 3 comes with two different sizes: 4.7 inch (£150) and 5.5 inch (£260). Both models have the same design ideology, however, spending a little more will provide you a better spec one.


Not being created with superior aluminum or glass finishes, Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 really does not disappoint users when owning an elegant plastic design.

The eye-catching Idol 3 is made of following elements: silver plastic edging, two-colored trim body material, dim grey back along with a gently brushed finish. The convex corners make the already slim frame sleeker and the plastic nicer to touch. Such points are recapitulated in a statement from Samsung: this is how a striking plastic phone is made.

The front-facing JBL speakers are put above and below the screen while ports are well positioned around the trim and the microSIM is set below the standby button. MicroSD card is also accepted on this device to support expanding storage up to 16GB or 32GB. Unfortunately, as the back cover is not removable, there is no way to alternate the 2,910mAh battery.

Dual-microphone is not something curious, but allowing making or taking calls no matter which way of holding is not what every dual-microphone can do. This feature obviously is a remarkable improvement of the Alcatel.


Another good point of the 5.5in Idol 3 is that users get a Full HD screen, something clearly better than a 4.7in handset.

Alcatel Idol 3 has a completely laminated LCD screen covering brightness at the maximum of more than 600 nits and a 400ppi pixel density, which are all equivalent to a striking and outstandingly bright screen with terrific viewing angles. One technology product of the Technicolor called “Color Enhance technology” is advertised to refine contrast and color rendering for more brilliant colors, which seems to be based on advantages of the adaptive screen.

At the Idol 3’s sale price, don’t unreasonably compare its display with the AMOLED screen of Samsung, despite the fact the Idol 3 is obviously less impressive.

Software & Performance

The Idol 3 is operated on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop along with the Alcatel’s custom skin on top. Android system is so familiar to users, but additional supplements are included for better performance than others. Just double tap your screen and this device will be awaked, and the extra shortcuts presented in the lock-screen will quickly lead you to some predetermined features such as camera, calculator or contact list.

The most outstanding application on the Alcatel is its native music app, which receives the highest focus. It is a wonderful combination of fundamental music player to browse and queue up tracks with DJ software to record mixes. It is a fun application but if you’re not so obsessive about music, perhaps you will ignore it.

Alcatel Idol 3 is powered by a Qualcomm 64-bit Snapdragon CPU accompanied with an Adreno 405 GPU and a 2GB RAM. It means everything seems to be okay for handling fundamental tasks, but things will change towards adverse direction if the Idol 3 is used under more tension.

This Idol seems to perform well with gaming, specifically some graphically demanding games like Real Racing 3, as it is ran smoothly without any signal of a decrease in frame rates.

However smooth running is not the story of performing multiple apps, as lags can happen. Just opening browser or searching can also be a strain for the phone and makes it slow to respond. Switching between applications is not better. It is glaring that this device is not for users who demand a good performance for multiple actions, but if you don’t intend to overwhelm the Idol 3 at this point, then it is considered a nice choice.


The introduction of the 13 megapixel rear camera and a sizeable 8 megapixel front-facing camera sounds pretty impressive, but it is just on paper.

Both cameras are not preset to capture images at the maximum resolution, which translates that it is necessary to access the settings to re-address that mode unless you want to shoot in a 4:3 ratio instead of a 16:9 one. It is also an issue to be argued that higher resolution does not always mean more reliable and consistent quality, at least in this case.

Image quality is just at acceptable level without groundbreaking points though the low-light shooting is good. In a good condition of light and distance, the autofocus performs well as details and colors are pretty accurate. But getting closer will create more difficulties to maintain the equal detail and sharpness.

Video capturing owns the similar issue. Everything seems to be just reasonable without various features added to improve video quality or vibrant footage. Sound recording doesn’t provide the highest quality either.

Overall, the Idol 3 is expected to bring more experiences rather than such things above.

Battery Life

One minus of the Idol 3 is its non-detachable battery that users can’t replace it when necessary. But the parameter of 2,910mAh can help you ignore such drawback, as it has the same capacity with more expensive competitors.

For specification, for an average use, this battery can energize through a day and a half or little more if you let it idle for long time. Usage duration will be reduced to one day for lots of activities. You might find the basic power saving mode useful as it provides you with some more minutes to make calls.

Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 – Should we buy?

Conforming to its name – “Idol”, the Alcatel Idol 3 handset possesses a stunning design which is eye-catching to users, especially the youth. This device has proved that not all attractive phones are made of high-end material, as the inexpensive plastic can also do that. Sharp Full HD screen, splendid sounding speakers with unique Android tweaks all create the value worthy of the price £260.

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