Apple iPhone 6 Plus Review

The Summary

Apple released a very great phone – the iPhone 6 Plus, but it is not perfect in everyone’s eyes. For some users, the size of the phone is too big and they may find it difficult to put the phone in their pockets and hard to use the phone as well. For many others, the phone is exactly what they expect. If you really like an iPhone with a very large screen, this is certainly the thing that you should get.

Overview of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus

The price is US$299 for the 16GB model
The price is $399  for the 64GB model
The price is $499 for the 128GB model
(You can just buy an iPhone model at the above prices in a phone contract of two years)


  • The screen is large and pretty
  • The phone camera has supported optical IS
  • The storage capability is up to 128GB version at maximum
  • The extra screen real estate is smart and nice


  • The size of the phone is big
  • Someone may find it uncomfortable to hold the phone because of this large size
Apple iPhone 6 Plus Review Buy

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Review Buy

Detailed Review of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus

The Prices of iPhone 6 & 6 Plus – price comparison

In the comparison of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the 2 smartphones differs only in two main aspects: the phone camera and the size.

Between these two aspects, people often concern more about the size before deciding to buy the phone. Therefore, one very important question about this phone is: “Does the iPhone 6 Plus have a too large size or is it true that Apple tends to combine the functionality and the size of a smartphone like a “phablet” (a combination of a phone and a tablet) and the iPhone 6 Plus is the first model in this line of thinking?

Which Size is Considered Too Big?

Immediately after holding the phone, most users will understand whether the size of the iPhone 6 Plus is suitable for them or not. Obviously, people all update how large the iPhone 6 Plus is in comparison with the iPhone 6 (or the 5C or 5S in regard of the size). While the iPhone 6 has the 4.7-inch screen only, the iPhone 6 Plus has a much larger screen, which is up to 5.5 inches. Consequently, the dimension rate of the Plus 6 is 3.06 x 6.22 inches tall, versus the Plus 6’s rate of 5.44 x 2.64. The weight of the Plus 6 is also much larger: 6.07 ounces versus 4.55 ounces of the iPhone 6 Plus.

Even when not seeing these two smartphones individually, some of people prefer the iPhone 6 Plus. In case that you are not sure which one is the most suitable for, you should shop around, see and try both the two phones.

You find it faster to select the better option for you.

Making the Best Use of the Large Screen

If you don’t have large hands, don’t worry. Apple has offered various features to make the iPhone 6 Plus easier to use, which help you deal with the difficulty-in-reaching issue. You will find the two Display Zoom and Reachability features in both iPhone 6 as well as 6 Plus.

To make use of the Reachability, gently touch the Home button for two times, then the top of the screen will slide down to the center of the phone and it allows you to use the icons in the far corners more easily. It is not difficult to use this feature, but it seems to be that people have not had the habit of using it frequently. When using my phone, I often start up this feature at random.

With the second feature – Display Zoom, you can decide to view the screen as well as its contents at the full 100% size or zoom in the screen display. When you first set up the phone, you will have to go through a series of steps to configure the Display Zoom, however you can always change its settings later. This feature will be very nice, especially for those who are looking for screens of large sizes because their vision on the phone display is not really good.

In addition, a new mode – the landscape mode has been available in the iPhone 6 Plus. You can find it in the home screen and some other phone apps in which you can find out more about the app functions. This landscape mode is very potential, so I expect to see it in the iPhone 6 soon.

The Camera: How The Hardware is Beneficial

In addition to the difference on the size of screens, the camera is another aspect that tells the two phones apart, but perhaps not many people notice this. Apple has added the optical image stabilization feature to the camera of the iPhone 6 Plus, which bases on a hardware technology to enhance the image quality. Meanwhile, with the camera of the iPhone 6, Apple just uses the software technology for stabilizing images, which is not really as good as the hardware technology.

This difference will be noticeable in case that you are a photographer. For a normal user, this improvement is nice but not that essential (the iPhone 6 itself has been a great camera, here I just put it in the comparison with the 6 Plus). If you want to get the greatest possible shooting results, particularly in shooting moving subjects, obviously the camera of the iPhone 6 Plus is better.




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