Apple iPhone 6 Review

The Summary 

Don’t expect anything to be perfect and you also should not expect a perfect iPhone 6 – for example, the storage capability of a low-end has to be 32GB. However, it’s highly recommended that you should make an upgrade to this version. A large number of people are ready to pay the full price for buying the phone and this is not so amazing because the iPhone 6 is a great phone. If you have owned an iPhone 5S, waiting for the model in the coming year and buying it a lower price is very nice. Especially, in case that you have possessed an iPhone of any version or any other smartphone at all, the upgrading should be considered right at the present. This is really a nice model.

Overview of the Apple iPhone 6

The Price

– The price is US$199 for the 16GB model

– The price is $299 for the 64GB model

The price is $399 for the 128GB model

(You can just buy an iPhone model at the above prices in a phone contract of two years)


  • The camera is great
  • The size is perfect for an iPhone
  • The running speed is fast
  • The camera is compatible with Apple offerings in the future, such as Apple Pay or Apple Watch
  • The storage capacity is up to the maximum 128GB
  • This is light and thin model


  • The camera may be too large to fit someone’s hands well
  • iOS 8 needs polish
Apple iPhone 6 Review Buy

Apple iPhone 6 Review Buy

Detailed Review of the Apple iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus price comparison

The iPhone 6 have been recognized as an outstanding smartphone. All of the strengths of the high-end model last year, the iPhone 5S, have been offered in this smartphone. In addition, the attractive design, the fast running speed and the extremely powerful capability are extra great aspects of the Iphone 6.

With the larger storage capability (128GB), a screen of a large size as well as the compatibility with new Apple products like Apple Watch and Apple Pay, the iPhone 6 is an extremely amazing smartphone.

All The Core Apple Features Are Included In The iPhone 6

Obviously, Apple has included all of the other major features of an iPhone into the iPhone 6 as you have expected. You will find a built-in Touch ID fingerprint scanner at the Home button. While the way this scanner works is exactly the same as the iPhone 5S, you can find this feature have a faster speed as well as better reliability.

Apple also offers other major technologies for this smartphone, such as FaceTime, Find My iPhone, iCloud, Siri as well as iMessage. You will find these features very well-built and useful as well.

The Large Screen: The Size is Perfectly Right

It is the physical size that makes the difference between the iPhone 6 and other older iPhone version. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have a screen of a large size.

The screen measurement of the iPhone 6 is 4.7 inches, which is very nice. This size is large but still convenient for use. Meanwhile, the iPhone 6 Plus has a too large screen, which is up to 5.5 inches and the sizes of previous iPhones is pretty small and not really convenient to handle. With the 4.7-inch screen, it is easy to see the entire content in e-mails as well as on websites. In addition, it is easy to type and play games with this screen.

The size of my hands is average and I can find it comfortable to use the iPhone 6. It is possible to hold the the smartphone using just one hand and this is a very important aspect. Perhaps, a lot of people will share this common experience. The Reachability is a very nice feature of this smartphone which helps you easily reach far-away icons. It is simple to use this feature. You just need to have the Home button double-tapped to take the top of the iPhone screen to the center.

Due to the larger sizes of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, it’s recommendable that Apple should think again about some of the main interface aspects. The back button which has been traditionally located in the phone’s top left corner is quite difficult to reach when you are using with your right hand. Personally, I think the position of this button should be on the right side, or even better, let customers to choose on either sides.

The impressive thing here is that regardless of the large screens, the weight of an iPhone 6 is just more than half an ounce more than the iPhone 5S.

Preparing for the Future

The above traditional features are not the only attractive aspects of the iPhone 6, but also the compatibility with important future products that make this model become much more appealing.

There is a built-in NFC (Near-Field Communications) technology with this smart phone, offering the wireless communication over a short range that enable devices to interact with one another when they are very close to each other. This technology is the core offering in the Apple Pay mobile payments system and those who are using an iPhone 6 (or 6 Plus or Apple Watch) can make the payments for what they have bought quickly. As an iPhone user, you may not know the usefulness of the Apple Pay until you have experienced it. The products from Apple are often of high quality, so it is nice to find that the iPhone 6 is not an exception in this line of thinking.

The iPhone 6 can be well compatible with one another future offering from Apple – it is Apple Watch. Although not only the series of the iPhone 6 can work with Apple Watch (as the 5S or 5C can work with this device as well), one nice thing is that you will have the greatest experience with the Apple Watch when using the newest phones.

iOS 8: Needs Some Polish

The most significant drawback of the iPhone 6 is the iOS 8 running system, not the phone itself.

While there are some important and essential upgrades for the iOS 8 system such as Notification Center widgets, third-party keyboards or Family Sharing of iTunes purchases, and many others – you still find some bugs in this system. With the iOS 8 running system, I have found more app crashes and more weird glitches in the interface compared to the previous OS version.

Finally, with the most updated offerings as well as significant under-the-hood improvements, this system may be an important foundation for the iOS technology in the future. However, at the present, it is not as good as you may expect when comparing it to traditional products from Apple.

This is similar to the situation when Apple released one of the Mac OS X systems – the Mac OS X 10.6. But later, Apple offered the Snow Leopard upgrade which helped fixing bugs, improving the stability as well as the overall quality of the Mac OS X 10.6. Hope that, there will be a similar Snow Leopard-style offering that can deal with the flaws of the iOS 8 system.

UPDATE: Fortunately, the iOS has been updated for several times per year (it was the time of releasing the 8.1 version since I have finished this review). Thanks to these updates, the above problems seem to have been solved and the attractiveness of the iPhone 6 has been increasing.

Bendgate – This is not a problem as some people think

You may hear from someone that the iPhone 6 has one drawback – that the phone can be damaged when you bend it in pants pockets. Don’t let this deceive you and don’t be hesitated to buy an iPhone just because of this issue, which is not real for most users.

People often say that a certain amount of pressure can drive a smartphone to be bent. For the iPhone 6, this is obviously true. However, according to Consumer Reports, a publication which not really likes Apple, carrying out a test on Bendgate and announcing that the iPhone 6 bends under 70-90 pounds of pressure. This amount of pressure is pretty considerable. Therefore, although obviously, the iPhone 6 can be irreparably bent, this issue shall not occur frequently for most users.

You should not be confused by the above controversy.

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