BlackBerry Classic Review

While other manufacturers often highlight the screen or camera of their smartphones, the most noticeable feature that Black Berry wants to focus on the Classic line is its keyboard. That’s why in one third of the specification list is to introduce the Qwerty keyboard, other than its pretty small screen.

It’s definitely an impressive keyboard. Not only those who has got used to using BlackBerry but new users can also find it pretty easy to use and very useful. Obviously, this is considered the heritage of BlackBerry.

This keyboard with chamfered ridge on each key easily outperforms the keyboard of BlackBerry Passport – which is pretty hard, fat and large. People easily find it more satisfying.

BlackBerry Classic Review Buy

BlackBerry Classic Review Buy

In addition to the new design style, the location of the navigating keys are kept pretty the same. You will find the keys for calls, menu, back button, trackback and “end call” located between the screen and the keyboard. These keys are also called ‘the tookit’.

As commonly, we have got used to using virtual keys in the display of smartphones, so it’s likely that we feel uncomfortable to hold down physical keyboards. However, once mastering the usage of a keyboard, you find it pretty convenient for ending a call. But personally, I don’t see that the trackpad is really useful. I still prefer to use the capacitive capacitive frets of the BlackBerry Passport.

But, keep in mind that the actual buttons account for more space while the display of the Blackberry is pretty small, limited to 3.5 inches only. This screen is good enough for checking emails but a bit inconvenient for other tasks, for example, browsing a website.


Both the two cameras in the front and back are nice enough, but not that impressive. (Actually, I don’t find the common users of this product to be those who love taking selfie photos). The battery has the 2515 mAh capacity, which enables you to use the phone throughout the day and even more. This may be due to the fact that I used less apps through this phone than with other smartphones. Its screen is too small and I just find it best for scanning emails.

The BlackBerry Classic is a well-built device. Its frame is surrounded by the stainless steel band and the phone also uses the Gorilla Glass. All of these give it the sturdy feel. The flat rear cover – except the slightly raised logo – is a non-slip structure, which contributes to the comfort in holding the phone in hands. The BlackBerry Classic weighs 178 grams, which is not so heavy.

The software

The BlackBerry Classic runs the BlackBerry 10 system together with the Qualcomm MSM 8960 processor, clocked at 1.5GHz. There are some interesting details with the phone, one of which is the nice transition effects for scrolling over the default applications. Although the performance is not as smooth as that of the BlackBerry Passport, it’s good enough.

One of the very strong points of the Classic is its mail box capability, which is especially effective for those who often receive and send emails. In addition, the Docs to Go and BlackBerry Blend are also available. But not many apps from a third party are found in this smartphone. The main reason for this limit is that the market share of BlackBerry is not big enough for motivating many software manufactures to produce the compatible apps.

The small square display is also a drawback. Especially in the case that a user wants to play games, this is pretty inconvenient. However, this drawback may not be too concerning as the BlackBerry Classic is not a typical smartphone for those who like to play games or download so many apps.

The Bottom Line

Obviously, the BlackBerry Classic is not something for first users but for those who have fallen in love with this brand name (especially users who once used the previous BlackBerry Bold 9900). This product is mainly aimed at those who work on business or government organization – that’s the strategy of BlackBerry.

For a loyal fan, this smartphone is not simply a phablet, but a more elegant one for a more civilized user.

For those who don’t find it essential to use other function besides the call making and email handling, the BlackBerry Classic is obviously a great choice. Meanwhile, other types of users may find it as a lack. For a smartphone, this seems to be a significant lack, but I have found that the targeted users almost don’t need further features. It’s clear that BlackBerry wants to build an image of solid and business-like smartphone.


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