Belkin TuneCast Auto Live iPhone FM Transmitter Review

Overview of the Belkin’s TuneCast Auto Live iPhone FM transmitter

The Price

It costs you US$79.99 to buy the device

The transmitter can work with:

All iPod touches

All iPhone generations

All iPod nanos

All iPod models since the version of the 4th generation


The transmitter supports the GPS function

The device stations can be faster found
You can charge your iPhone while using the transmitter
The airplane mode is not needed


LCD screen is not really clear in daylight
There may be no need for iPhone app

Belkin's TuneCast Auto Live iPhone FM transmitter Review Buy

Belkin’s TuneCast Auto Live iPhone FM transmitter Review Buy

Detailed Review of the Belkin’s TuneCast Auto Live iPhone FM transmitter

It is a little hard to use FM transmitters which are specifically designed for iPhones or iPods. Although we cannot deny the usefulness of these devices (especially now, you won’t find may tape decks in cars), some existing shortcomings may be concerning, such as: it is not easy to find clear stations in crowed areas; one station which is open in this town may not be available in another or radio interference occurs pretty often.

But for the Belkin TuneCast Auto Live iPhone FM transmitter, you won’t have to worry much about the above issues. Even when you use this device during the car driving, listening to your iPhone is pretty easy.

To make the Belkin TuneCast Auto Live work, you can plug it into the power jack of your car, then having this device connected with the dock connector of an iPhone or iPod via running a cord. There will be a remote control on that cord which helps you find the clear open stations and select your favorites.

A very important feature of TuneCast Auto Live is its capability to support the built-in GPS function of an iPhone in finding the clearest open station (you can also use this transmitter with iPod models). To make your iPhone automatically find the clearest open station, you just need to make a click on the button on the remote control. By tuning the radio to the same station and it is all about the setting.

Although the transmitter itself has been good enough for this feature, there is also a free iPhone app that supports the TuneCast Auto Live. While you just have only one interface with the device itself, you can find another interface with this app. However, in comparison with a variety of different station suggestions, commonly you will get the clearest station with the remote. But sometimes, through one of the suggestions via the app, you can get nicer sound).

You don’t have to pay any money for this app, so just try it.

Because the remote can help you get the greatest result when tuning in the open stations, you don’t need to see the screen of your iPhone. Therefore, it increases the safety in driving when you want to listen to your iPhone as you can better focus your eyes in the road.

With FM transmitters, the signals are not often strong or you may encounter static interference as radio broadcasts often compete with them. Although the TuneCast is not a interference-free transmitter, the competitors cannot be favorably compared to this device. In addition, you can have stronger signals and the louder sound thanks to the three available Pro settings. I am not clear about the difference among these three settings, but I am most satisfied with the highest level, so the other two settings are not needed.

We can’t deny the usefulness of this transmitter. There are many types of iPod and iPhone FM transmitters, they are often with considerable interference or it may requires you to select the airplane mode for your iPhone, so missing calls becomes concerning. But with the TuneCast, you won’t have to worry about this issue and listening to your iPhone become more comfortable than ever.

If you need a transmitter for directly connecting your iPhone with a car stereo (and although there is a wide variety of such devices, the prices are pretty high), theTuneCast is one of the greatest transmitters for this purpose. A lot of people who have tape decks will love tape adapters because these devices help find the clearest stations and they have to change the channels. However, it’s easy for a tape adapter to get broken, so this may not be an option for many people, including me, for example.

With all the above mentioned things, the Belkin TuneCast Auto Live is really worth your consideration, especially if you are an iPhone user who likes listening to music when driving. In addition, there is no need to worry about missing calls when you are using this device.


Monster iCarPlay 800 Wireless iPhone FM Transmitter Review


The iCarPlay 800 Wireless transmitter works exactly as the manufacturer claims. However, what a pity that there are some drawbacks that reduce the appeal of this device. In addition to the fact that the interface is not ideal for driving situations, the slow speed of scanning which makes the device not able to find the clearest station is another drawback of this transmitter. Therefore, people may consider a lot of other better choices in the current market before deciding to buy one FM transmitter.

Overview of the Monster iCarPlay 800 Wireless iPhone FM Transmitter

The transmitter can work with iPhone versions or iPods that supports the dock connector

The Price

You have to spend US$89.95 to purchase this transmitter


The device supports the car stereo, so you can use it to play the music from your iPhone

It is possible to charge your iPhone when you are using the transmitter


The interface may get you confused sometimes
Occasionally, the transmitter cannot get the clearest stations

The scanning speed is not fast
Sometimes, you may encounter bursts of static
The device is pretty expensive

Monster iCarPlay 800 Wireless iPhone FM Transmitter Review Buy

Monster iCarPlay 800 Wireless iPhone FM Transmitter Review Buy

Detailed Review of the Monster iCarPlay 800 Wireless iPhone FM Transmitter

It is pretty hard to select a nice iPhone FM transmitter. A wide variety of features will be needed to make a good device and currently, there have been a big number of competitors in selling this product. Monster’s iCarPlay 800 Wireless transmitter promises to be a strong player in the iPhone FM transmitter market, but there still remain some drawbacks with the interface as well as usability that make it not become outstanding yet.

A Well-built iPhone FM Transmitter

In regard of different respects, the iCarPlay 800 Wireless has been a standardized FM transmitter for iPhones. You can have your iPhone or iPod charged by plugging one end of the transmitter into a car’s power adapter. The other end can be connected to the dock connector of your iPhone, which allows you to tune into an FM station. You can then scan for an open station, or transfer the music from the phone to car stereo. There are three available preset stations, and you can see the on-going station through an LCD screen.

Upon our hand-on experience, the features of transmitter work well, exactly as what Apple claimed. However, it is still not a perfect device due to some small drawbacks.

Some drawbacks

There are two ways for controlling the station that the transmitter can work on: tuning the signals via dial and slowly scanning/searching for open signals . Sometimes, you may encounter some problems with the scanning process. You can hold down the scan button to start scanning and this button is also the third preset. You may be not recognize the progress of this scanning operation, since it is a quite slow process.

The scanning does take time. Be patient and finally, the stations will be found.

But don’t expect that the transmitter can find clear signals all the times. Not only iCarPlay 800 Wireless, but other FM transmitters for iPhones also do not always achieve the interference-free stations. Meanwhile, if you compare the iCarPlay 800 Wireless with the Belkin TuneCast Auto Live, even when you use these two transmitters in the same place, you will find that the latter consistently finds clearer stations

If you cannot have the station as you expect through the scanning, tuning in other open stations manually is recommended. It can be pretty challenging to do this through the dial when you are driving, compared to a button click. You will have to stay focused more to tune in the dial, so it may affect the safety when you are driving.

Even on interference-free channels, you may find short and loud bursts of static with the iCarPlay 800 Wireless, especially when changing songs. This is a little frustrating.






Apple iPhone 6 Plus Review

The Summary

Apple released a very great phone – the iPhone 6 Plus, but it is not perfect in everyone’s eyes. For some users, the size of the phone is too big and they may find it difficult to put the phone in their pockets and hard to use the phone as well. For many others, the phone is exactly what they expect. If you really like an iPhone with a very large screen, this is certainly the thing that you should get.

Overview of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus

The price is US$299 for the 16GB model
The price is $399  for the 64GB model
The price is $499 for the 128GB model
(You can just buy an iPhone model at the above prices in a phone contract of two years)


  • The screen is large and pretty
  • The phone camera has supported optical IS
  • The storage capability is up to 128GB version at maximum
  • The extra screen real estate is smart and nice


  • The size of the phone is big
  • Someone may find it uncomfortable to hold the phone because of this large size
Apple iPhone 6 Plus Review Buy

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Review Buy

Detailed Review of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus

The Prices of iPhone 6 & 6 Plus – price comparison

In the comparison of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the 2 smartphones differs only in two main aspects: the phone camera and the size.

Between these two aspects, people often concern more about the size before deciding to buy the phone. Therefore, one very important question about this phone is: “Does the iPhone 6 Plus have a too large size or is it true that Apple tends to combine the functionality and the size of a smartphone like a “phablet” (a combination of a phone and a tablet) and the iPhone 6 Plus is the first model in this line of thinking?

Which Size is Considered Too Big?

Immediately after holding the phone, most users will understand whether the size of the iPhone 6 Plus is suitable for them or not. Obviously, people all update how large the iPhone 6 Plus is in comparison with the iPhone 6 (or the 5C or 5S in regard of the size). While the iPhone 6 has the 4.7-inch screen only, the iPhone 6 Plus has a much larger screen, which is up to 5.5 inches. Consequently, the dimension rate of the Plus 6 is 3.06 x 6.22 inches tall, versus the Plus 6’s rate of 5.44 x 2.64. The weight of the Plus 6 is also much larger: 6.07 ounces versus 4.55 ounces of the iPhone 6 Plus.

Even when not seeing these two smartphones individually, some of people prefer the iPhone 6 Plus. In case that you are not sure which one is the most suitable for, you should shop around, see and try both the two phones.

You find it faster to select the better option for you.

Making the Best Use of the Large Screen

If you don’t have large hands, don’t worry. Apple has offered various features to make the iPhone 6 Plus easier to use, which help you deal with the difficulty-in-reaching issue. You will find the two Display Zoom and Reachability features in both iPhone 6 as well as 6 Plus.

To make use of the Reachability, gently touch the Home button for two times, then the top of the screen will slide down to the center of the phone and it allows you to use the icons in the far corners more easily. It is not difficult to use this feature, but it seems to be that people have not had the habit of using it frequently. When using my phone, I often start up this feature at random.

With the second feature – Display Zoom, you can decide to view the screen as well as its contents at the full 100% size or zoom in the screen display. When you first set up the phone, you will have to go through a series of steps to configure the Display Zoom, however you can always change its settings later. This feature will be very nice, especially for those who are looking for screens of large sizes because their vision on the phone display is not really good.

In addition, a new mode – the landscape mode has been available in the iPhone 6 Plus. You can find it in the home screen and some other phone apps in which you can find out more about the app functions. This landscape mode is very potential, so I expect to see it in the iPhone 6 soon.

The Camera: How The Hardware is Beneficial

In addition to the difference on the size of screens, the camera is another aspect that tells the two phones apart, but perhaps not many people notice this. Apple has added the optical image stabilization feature to the camera of the iPhone 6 Plus, which bases on a hardware technology to enhance the image quality. Meanwhile, with the camera of the iPhone 6, Apple just uses the software technology for stabilizing images, which is not really as good as the hardware technology.

This difference will be noticeable in case that you are a photographer. For a normal user, this improvement is nice but not that essential (the iPhone 6 itself has been a great camera, here I just put it in the comparison with the 6 Plus). If you want to get the greatest possible shooting results, particularly in shooting moving subjects, obviously the camera of the iPhone 6 Plus is better.




Apple iPhone 6 Review

The Summary 

Don’t expect anything to be perfect and you also should not expect a perfect iPhone 6 – for example, the storage capability of a low-end has to be 32GB. However, it’s highly recommended that you should make an upgrade to this version. A large number of people are ready to pay the full price for buying the phone and this is not so amazing because the iPhone 6 is a great phone. If you have owned an iPhone 5S, waiting for the model in the coming year and buying it a lower price is very nice. Especially, in case that you have possessed an iPhone of any version or any other smartphone at all, the upgrading should be considered right at the present. This is really a nice model.

Overview of the Apple iPhone 6

The Price

– The price is US$199 for the 16GB model

– The price is $299 for the 64GB model

The price is $399 for the 128GB model

(You can just buy an iPhone model at the above prices in a phone contract of two years)


  • The camera is great
  • The size is perfect for an iPhone
  • The running speed is fast
  • The camera is compatible with Apple offerings in the future, such as Apple Pay or Apple Watch
  • The storage capacity is up to the maximum 128GB
  • This is light and thin model


  • The camera may be too large to fit someone’s hands well
  • iOS 8 needs polish
Apple iPhone 6 Review Buy

Apple iPhone 6 Review Buy

Detailed Review of the Apple iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus price comparison

The iPhone 6 have been recognized as an outstanding smartphone. All of the strengths of the high-end model last year, the iPhone 5S, have been offered in this smartphone. In addition, the attractive design, the fast running speed and the extremely powerful capability are extra great aspects of the Iphone 6.

With the larger storage capability (128GB), a screen of a large size as well as the compatibility with new Apple products like Apple Watch and Apple Pay, the iPhone 6 is an extremely amazing smartphone.

All The Core Apple Features Are Included In The iPhone 6

Obviously, Apple has included all of the other major features of an iPhone into the iPhone 6 as you have expected. You will find a built-in Touch ID fingerprint scanner at the Home button. While the way this scanner works is exactly the same as the iPhone 5S, you can find this feature have a faster speed as well as better reliability.

Apple also offers other major technologies for this smartphone, such as FaceTime, Find My iPhone, iCloud, Siri as well as iMessage. You will find these features very well-built and useful as well.

The Large Screen: The Size is Perfectly Right

It is the physical size that makes the difference between the iPhone 6 and other older iPhone version. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have a screen of a large size.

The screen measurement of the iPhone 6 is 4.7 inches, which is very nice. This size is large but still convenient for use. Meanwhile, the iPhone 6 Plus has a too large screen, which is up to 5.5 inches and the sizes of previous iPhones is pretty small and not really convenient to handle. With the 4.7-inch screen, it is easy to see the entire content in e-mails as well as on websites. In addition, it is easy to type and play games with this screen.

The size of my hands is average and I can find it comfortable to use the iPhone 6. It is possible to hold the the smartphone using just one hand and this is a very important aspect. Perhaps, a lot of people will share this common experience. The Reachability is a very nice feature of this smartphone which helps you easily reach far-away icons. It is simple to use this feature. You just need to have the Home button double-tapped to take the top of the iPhone screen to the center.

Due to the larger sizes of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, it’s recommendable that Apple should think again about some of the main interface aspects. The back button which has been traditionally located in the phone’s top left corner is quite difficult to reach when you are using with your right hand. Personally, I think the position of this button should be on the right side, or even better, let customers to choose on either sides.

The impressive thing here is that regardless of the large screens, the weight of an iPhone 6 is just more than half an ounce more than the iPhone 5S.

Preparing for the Future

The above traditional features are not the only attractive aspects of the iPhone 6, but also the compatibility with important future products that make this model become much more appealing.

There is a built-in NFC (Near-Field Communications) technology with this smart phone, offering the wireless communication over a short range that enable devices to interact with one another when they are very close to each other. This technology is the core offering in the Apple Pay mobile payments system and those who are using an iPhone 6 (or 6 Plus or Apple Watch) can make the payments for what they have bought quickly. As an iPhone user, you may not know the usefulness of the Apple Pay until you have experienced it. The products from Apple are often of high quality, so it is nice to find that the iPhone 6 is not an exception in this line of thinking.

The iPhone 6 can be well compatible with one another future offering from Apple – it is Apple Watch. Although not only the series of the iPhone 6 can work with Apple Watch (as the 5S or 5C can work with this device as well), one nice thing is that you will have the greatest experience with the Apple Watch when using the newest phones.

iOS 8: Needs Some Polish

The most significant drawback of the iPhone 6 is the iOS 8 running system, not the phone itself.

While there are some important and essential upgrades for the iOS 8 system such as Notification Center widgets, third-party keyboards or Family Sharing of iTunes purchases, and many others – you still find some bugs in this system. With the iOS 8 running system, I have found more app crashes and more weird glitches in the interface compared to the previous OS version.

Finally, with the most updated offerings as well as significant under-the-hood improvements, this system may be an important foundation for the iOS technology in the future. However, at the present, it is not as good as you may expect when comparing it to traditional products from Apple.

This is similar to the situation when Apple released one of the Mac OS X systems – the Mac OS X 10.6. But later, Apple offered the Snow Leopard upgrade which helped fixing bugs, improving the stability as well as the overall quality of the Mac OS X 10.6. Hope that, there will be a similar Snow Leopard-style offering that can deal with the flaws of the iOS 8 system.

UPDATE: Fortunately, the iOS has been updated for several times per year (it was the time of releasing the 8.1 version since I have finished this review). Thanks to these updates, the above problems seem to have been solved and the attractiveness of the iPhone 6 has been increasing.

Bendgate – This is not a problem as some people think

You may hear from someone that the iPhone 6 has one drawback – that the phone can be damaged when you bend it in pants pockets. Don’t let this deceive you and don’t be hesitated to buy an iPhone just because of this issue, which is not real for most users.

People often say that a certain amount of pressure can drive a smartphone to be bent. For the iPhone 6, this is obviously true. However, according to Consumer Reports, a publication which not really likes Apple, carrying out a test on Bendgate and announcing that the iPhone 6 bends under 70-90 pounds of pressure. This amount of pressure is pretty considerable. Therefore, although obviously, the iPhone 6 can be irreparably bent, this issue shall not occur frequently for most users.

You should not be confused by the above controversy.

Apple iPhone 5C Review

The Bottom Line

The previous iPhone 5 deserved to be a very nice model. Although the iPhone 5C is just a little bit different from the iPhone 5, it is still a nice phone. The clear difference comes in the camera, and the maximum storage capability of 32GB versus 64GB of the iPhone 5S is one aspect that many people care about. But if you expect to get all of the iPhone features at a very reasonable price, the iPhone 5C is a very nice option.

Overview of the Apple iPhone 5C

The Price

The price is $99 for the 16GB model
The price is $199 for the 32GB model

(The phone is only available in a two-year contract)

You may expect something new and amazing for a new iPhone? But, I guess you may be a little bit disappointed with the new iPhone version – the iPhone 5C. While you can select one among many color options when buying the iPhone 5C, it is pretty similar to the previous iPhone 5 model in regard of the features. Certainly, to compare these two versions, the iPhone 5 is a terrific phone.

With the iPhone 5C, you can have all of the strong points of the iPhone 5 as well as the colorful case options.


  • The phone is very solid
  • The phone camera is nice
  • The performance is fast
  • There are a wide variety of color options for the phone case


  • The phone is pretty similar to the iPhone 5
Apple iPhone 5C Review Buy

Apple iPhone 5C Review Buy

Detailed Review of the Apple iPhone 5C

The phone case is beautiful

The most notable difference between the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5 (or the iPhone 5S that was released at about the same time as the 5C) is the back.  There are many color options for the iPhone 5C, including: blue, pink, white, green and yellow. You will find these pretty colors at the back which is made of plastic. However, although the back is covered with the plastic, you won’t have the cheap feel when holding the phone. The back of the phone is very seamless with the colorful cases and you will have the sturdy feel, similar to other iPhones version with the metal backing.

The case is almost the biggest difference of the iPhone 5C versus the predecessors, the iPhone 5. Meanwhile, the size and the shape of these two models are virtually identical (the iPhone 5 is 3/100 of one inch shorter, 2/100 of one inch more narrow). However, the weight of the iPhone 5C is a bit more: while the iPhone 5 has the weight of 3.95 ounces, the iPhone 5C weighs up to 4.65 ounces. You can easily feel the difference when you hold the two phones in hands, but the iPhone 5C is still not a heavy model – actually, compared to the iPhone 5C, the iPhone 4S weighs some ounces more.

Even when the 5C has the different weight and size versus the previous version, the phone still brings you a great feel in hands.

The interiors of the two phones are not really different

The biggest differences between the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5 is the exterior design, but the interiors of these two phones are almost similar (the battery of the iPhone 5C is a little bit larger than that of the iPhone 5, but the battery life of the two models are almost the same)

The processor used in both two phones is A6, which has the 1 Ghz running speed. The A6 processor is very snappy. Although this have not been Apple’s premiere processor any more (the iPhone 5S sports the A7), you won’t have to worry about its powerful capability to perform any tasks that you want.

In addition, the 4G LTE wireless connectivity is supported in both the two phones which enables the faster downloading. The Retina Display screen in these two phones has the same measurement – 4 inches, which are very pretty and sharp; the Lightning connector is available in both phones. You even find the same cameras, both in the back and in the front. the back camera can shoot images at the 8 MP resolution and record videos at the full 1080p HD mode while the front one allows you to shoot 12-MP still images and record videos at the 720p HD mode.

Obviously, you can’t find anything innovative with the iPhone 5C, but this is still a very nice phones. The set of features as well as options are still good enough to make you satisfied when performing the daily tasks.

The comparison between the iPhone 5C and other big brothers

Because now, the iPhone 5 has not been available in the market any more, people won’t care much about the comparison between the 5C and the 5, but are more likely to compare it to the current attractive iPhone 5S and even the iPhone 6. The result is pretty nice for the iPhone 5C.

Regardless of the more updated processor, The iPhone 5S is only slightly faster than the 5C. In a speed test of the two phones for loading several websites on both desktops and mobiles under the same Wi-Fi network, the speed of the iPhone 5S is about one second faster. In this situation, the 5C has the same performance speed as the iPhone 5.

Even in regard of other aspects such as the initializing and processing time for videos, the iPhone 5S is not much faster than the iPhone 5C, just 1-3 seconds faster.

The clear strong point of the iPhone 5S versus 5C is the phone camera. Despite offering the same resolution specification, the pixels of the photos shot by the 5S is larger, so the photos are sharper. With the iPhone 5S, there are two flash units, which help bring more realistic colors. You can shoot up to ten photos in one second with a burst mode and the quality of the slow-motion video shooting is very good.

If you really care about the image as well as video quality, the iPhone 5S with the superior camera is exactly what you should get.  In addition, there are some other improvements with the iPhone 5S, for example, the Touch ID fingerprint scanner and the M7 motion processor. These options are nice, but the iPhone 5C is still a compact competitor for the 5S.


Apple iPhone 5S Review

Bottom line

The fast and powerful performance, the beautiful design as well as a large number of amazing new features all make the Apple iPhone 5S a great model. If it’s the due date for upgrading your phone based on the contract, this phone is really worth your consideration. Especially, if you love the photography, I think that the iPhone 5S is certainly the best option among a wide variety of smartphones.

If you have to spend an early fee for upgrading the phone (for example, if the full price for purchasing the device is around $300, which is higher than the subsidized price), it will be a little bit hard to make the decision. The additional features are great here, but the price may be still too high for all of the phone offerings. If the price is $500 or even higher for the iPhone 5S, you may consider waiting for the coming iPhone 6 that may have more updated features as well as at the same time save you more money.

Overview of the Apple iPhone 5S

The Price

The price is $199 for the 16GB model

The price is $299 for the 32GB model

The price is $399 for the 64GB model

The phone is only available in a two-year phone contract

When looking at the iPhone 5S and comparing it to the previous version, the iPhone 5, you won’t see many significant differences. It even seems to be pretty similar to the sibling model, iPhone 5C that was released at the same period.

However, don’t let the first glance deceive you. There are a lot of major under-the-hood improvements, among which the camera improvement has been the most highlighted. With these improvements, someone certainly wants to upgrade the iPhone 5S. Meanwhile, the upgrade may be just optional for some others when they consider the above improvements.


  • The phone camera is amazing
  • Touch ID is a great new feature and this is a potential technology
  • 64-bit A7 chip and M7 chip are very nice
  • There are many color options with the phone


  • In terms of the speed, the 5S is not much faster than 5C
  • There are not many new features as expected
Apple iPhone 5S Review Buy

Apple iPhone 5S Review Buy

Detailed Review of the Apple iPhone 5S

Similar and Different Aspects

There are many similar elements between the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5. The first one is the Retina Display Screen which has the same 4-inch measurement. The form and the weight (both measuring 3.95 ounces) are also the same. However, you can also find some differences between the 2 versons. With the iPhone 5S, the battery life for the talk as well as web browsing time is about 20% higher. Instead of only two traditional color options, you can select one among three colors when buying this phone: gold, gray and slate.

Because the previous version was already an excellent phone, the above features as well as similarities are a nice starting point of the iPhone 5S. However, to become an outstanding model, the iPhone 5S needs other major additional features.

The Camera and Touch ID

The new features are divided into two types: the currently fully functional features and the ones that are to be completed in the future.

Among the new features of the iPhone 5S, perhaps the Touch ID is the most highlighted in which you just need to touch your finger to have the phone unlocked thanks to a fingerprint scanner which is added to the Home button. You will find a better security with this technology than with a traditional passcode, because a fingerprint is required to crack the security.

It is simple to set up the Touch ID and in comparison with passcode, the Touch ID helps you save time in unlocking the phone. You can also make use of the Touch ID instead of passwords for entering iTunes and App Store. This great technology certainly becomes the starting point for various mobile application, especially mobile commerce with the surprisingly simplicity and the good security (though certainly not ironclad).

Another important new feature comes with the camera. When looking at the phone camera for the first time and comparing it with the cameras of the 5C and 5, you may not see any difference. The resolution for still images is 8 MP and the HD video capability is 1080p. However, these are not all about the camera of the iPhone 5S.

You’re going to achieve the better image quality and video quality with the iPhone 5S versus other previous iPhone versions thanks to the various subtle features. The photos shot with the 5S camera have the higher pixels number and there are two flash units on the camera in the back. With the above changes, the photos produced with the 5S are of higher accuracy and realistic colors. When you compare images quality of the 5S and 5C, the results with the 5S are more precise and more attractive.

In addition to the improvements on the image and video quality, there are some changes on the functions which makes the iPhone 5S become more similar to even high-end cameras (although it can’t be the same as a professional one). The first change is the addition of a burst mode in which you can shoot up to ten photos in one second and you just simply need to tap and hold the camera button to perform this mode. The photography with the iPhone 5S becomes much better with this option and even this is true for some earlier iPhone versions in which you just can shot one photo at a time.

The second change comes in the movie shooting feature in which you can shoot slow motion movies. The usual frame rate is often 30 frames per second, but the maximum number of the iPhone 5S is up to 120 frames per second. Therefore, your movies can be more detailed and ethereal. These types of slow motion movies are expected to appear on YouTube as well as other movie-sharing websites in the very near future.

If you are just an user at the average level, it will be nice to have the above improvements. Especially if you are a photographers, you will find these additions very important.


There are a number of additional features which are available in the iPhone 5S now but will show their better usefulness later.

First, Apple includes the A7 processor in the center of the iPhone 5S. This chip has the storage capability up to 64 bit, which means that the phone can address a higher number of data a single chunk compared to the one which only has the 32-bit storage capability. Of course, it does not mean that the speed of the iPhone 5S will be as twice as fast (actually not; through my testing, the 5S is about 10% faster than the 5C or 5 in most situations) but this processor will be better for performing processor-intensive tasks. However, there still remain two downsides: you need to have a software for getting the best benefits from this chip and a larger memory is needed.

Until now, there is only a very limited number of 64-bit iOS apps. You can find the iOS as well several major Apple apps with the 64-bit chips, but till the time of updating all these apps, you may not consistently see the improvements. In addition, to take the advantage of the 64-bit chips, your phone is required to have the 4GB or higher storage capacity. The memory space of the iPhone 5S is limited to 1GB, so the phone cannot take the full advantage of the available processor.

Another feature that will become more useful in the future when it can be adapted with third parties is the second co-processor, known as the M7 motion processor. This processor is specialized to handle data coming from motion as well as activity-related sensors including the accelerometer, compass and gyroscope. With the M7, the phone apps can derive more useful data, then used in more advanced apps. Obviously, without the support of the M7 motion processor, this will not be possible, but when this processor performs this, the physical interaction will become much easier with the iPhone 5S.


Apple iPhone 4 Review

 Brief Review of the Apple iPhone 4

The Strong Points

The cameras has been improved a lot

The design of Retina Display Screen is very nice-looking and easy to read

The speed of web browsing is far faster

The running system is iOS 4

The battery life has been improved

The Weak Points

The storage capacity is only up to 32GB at maximum

You can only buy this phone in a contract via AT&T in USA.

There are reception issues

You don’t necessarily need to have an upgrade of this new model.

 The Price Range

The price is $199 for the 16GB model

The price is $299 for the 32GB model

It requires you to sign a AT&T contract of two years for buying this phone

UPDATE: The latest information about the price of an unlocked iPhone 4 can be found at the top of this page

While the previous iPhone, the iPhone 3GS, – have been improved with the faster running speed, the improvements on the visuals are the most highlighted with the iPhone 4.

Currently, the iPhone 4 has an innovative Retina Display screen as well as an improved camera with the resolution up to 5 megapixels. You can record HD movies with this phone. In addition, FaceTime video calls, the iPhone 4’s top features are great, too. As you can see, all of the mentioned features are visual.

Although the iPhone 4 has been much improved, this is still not enough for users of previous versions to consider this as a must-have upgrade.

Apple iPhone 4 Review Buy

Apple iPhone 4 Review Buy

 Detailed Review of the Apple iPhone 4

Cameras and Screens

The resolution amount of the Retina Display screen is equal to the human vision. I cannot state anything about the human vision in an absolute way, but obviously, this screen is the greatest one that I have had a chance to review over a smartphone.

The iPhone 4 screen has a higher resolution amount. Although the screen size of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS is the same, the pixel arrangement for the iPhone 4 is up to 960 x 480 while it is just limited to 480 x 320 for the iPhone 3GS. Therefore, the screen of the iPhone 4 helps create a larger number of details for the images as well text. You will end up with the text that is of higher sharpness and more convenient to read. Especially, the text quality improvement has been become clearer when you read websites, emails and even books through some applications such as iBooks or Kindle. You will find it more comfortable for reading anything in a pretty small smartphone screen.

While the iPhone 4 has offered a very impressive thing – it’s the screen, this phone has also included  a 5-megapixel camera as well as camera flash, which have been desired for long. With these offerings, the image produced with the phone is very great-looking.

In addition, a nice extra feature is the inclusion of the two phone cameras. While the movie recording capability with the camera on the back is up to 720p HD, you can use the FaceTime video chat function with the user-facing camera. FaceTime’s limitations make it more popularly used for show than daily use currently, but it’s pretty neat.

Together with the feature improvements and the capability to adjust videos through Apple’s iMovie app or via the included app, you can find yourself much more appealed by the iPhone 4 for the outstanding image-and-video-producing functions.

Although you can record a HD video with this phone, it is a little disappointing to have the 32GB storage capacity only. 32GB will fill up fast with HD video. Hope that in the near future, the storage capacity can be offered up to 64GB.

Much faster performance

While you easily notice the visual improvements with the iPhone 4, the performance of this smartphone is also much speedier.

The A4 processor, included in the Apple iPad, has been introduced in an iPhone for the first time with the iPhone 4. Generally, the speed of this phone is moderately increased versus the 3GS with the new processor. During my testing of both the iPhone 3GS and 4, obviously, the speed of initializing apps is faster with the iPhone 4.

The most noticeable speed enhancement refers to the speed of operating webs. Through the comparison between 3GS and the iPhone 4, I checked the duration of loading three famous websites via Wi-Fi and 3G network, the speed of is clearly faster with the iPhone 4 in both two cases.

Via the 3G network, the times with the iPhone 4 were as follows:

9 seconds, compared to 17 seconds for loading
11 seconds, compared to 15 seconds for loading
12 seconds, compared to 17 seconds for loading

The speed of the iPhone 4 is not much faster than that of the 3GS, but it’s surely faster. However, you will see the significant improvements with the Wi-Fi. The times were as follows

4 seconds, compared to 11 seconds for loading
5 seconds, compared to 15 seconds for loading
6 seconds, compared to 13 seconds for loading

As shown above, the speed of web loading with the iPhone 4 is far quicker than with the previous iPhone versions, which brings you a much greater experience.

The Battery Has Been Steadily Improved

Although Apple has never been well-known for the strong batteries, the iPhone battery has been gradually improved with each newly-released model. And the iPhone 4 also follows this orientation. During the testing, the total time of playing music continuously with the  iPhone 4 is up to 35 hours while I still was able to make phone calls, using emails as well as other typical functions.

The battery with the iPhone 4 is obviously longer than with the iPhone 3GS. With the 3GS, you only have the battery life which offers you approximately a day or day and a half of power before recharge is required.

There have been Reception Issues

Maybe the most popular issue that is found with the iPhone 4 refers to the reception issues. These issues may occur when you are placing a hand or finger over the antenna on the left-hand side of the phone.

In spite of claims by Apple that this is primarily a cosmetic issue, not a functional one, a lot of parties have tested and defined a conclusion that this is actually a flaw with the phone.

When you touch the phone by skin, you find that the signal strength seems to drop, even though it just seems to actually happen if your area is under a low sign strength already. The problem cannot be reproduced, which may suggest that not all smartphones have the same problem..

Still, covering the antenna with tape or a case can go a long way towards reducing the seriousness of the problem. There will be no complete fixing for the mentioned problem until the time that the iPhone 4 has been revised, or we may see the fixing with a newer iPhone version in the future, maybe.

The Summary

The Apple iPhone 4 is an extremely great option for consideration. You can easily find nice upgrades of this phone versus the iPhone 3GS in regard of the screen, speed, camera as well as the battery life. If you just possess an original iPhone or iPhone 3G or you do not have any iPhone yet, perhaps it is necessarily a must-have upgrade – especially considering the iOS 4 running system and many other outstanding features.

However, in case of having an iPhone 3GS already, this is not a necessarily a must-have, except the case that you are interested in the newest and greatest gadgets. The running system of the iPhone 3GS is iOS 4 as well, so you also obtain the above benefits. If you have not had the eyesight which will gain benefits from the new screen or you are really passionate on making mobile videos, this upgrade is just optional.

Regardless, as you can see the tremendous first-weekend sales, the Apple iPhone 4 is still a breakthrough model.


Apple iPhone 4S Review

Brief Review of Apple iPhone 4S

The Strong Points

The camera of the phone has been improved
The performance is fast. You can’t help being attracted by the very useful and impressive Siri
Nicer carrier selecting options
The storage capability is up to 64 GB at maximum

The Weak Points

Siri is very useful, but currently seems to be limited to some certain situations
The battery life is not really good

The Price Range

The price is US$199 for the 16 GB model
The price is $299 for the 32 GB model
The price is $399 for the 64 GB model
(You are required to buy the phone in a two-year contract)

The latest information about the price of iPhone 4S can be found at the top of this page

After having been desired for 16 months, the iPhone 4S was released with the wonder “is that it?” in the tech community and a lot of Apple fans who wished for an iPhone 5.

In comparison with the iPhone 4, there were not many changes with the iPhone 4S. For owners of the iPhone 4, those criticisms may hold a bit of water. But if one person has not had an iPhone yet or owned an older version of iPhone, they may misunderstand something from these reactions. This phone is still very excellent one and includes a very potential technology innovation.

For those who have bought an iPhone 3GS or an older version, or have not got any iPhone ever, the iPhone 4S is worth the consideration.

Apple iPhone 4S Review Buy

Apple iPhone 4S Review Buy

Detailed Review of the iPhone 4S

A Smooth Transition

A lot of people have made a complaint that the iPhone 4S is too identical to the iPhone 4, right from the outside. The cases of these two models are too identical with just a very slight difference that is in the redesigning of an antenna for the purpose of correcting the antenna problems that plagued the iPhone 4. If you are not the one who cares much about the details, slight differences won’t tell these two phones apart.

However, when you have used the two models for some minutes, you will quickly see the clear improvements

The new design of the antenna – in which you can easily switch between the two separate antenna systems to reduce the number of dropped calls – appears to be very nice.

I have not tested this model scientifically, but with my iPhone 4S, I have found that the number of dropped calls was less than with the iPhone 4.

You have to spend more to buy and the iPhone 4S versus the iPhone 4 because it includes an A5 processor. You can also find this type of processor with the Apple iPad 2 and it is also the newer version of the A4 processor found with the iPhone 4. Thanks to this processor, you can have considerably faster speed with the iPhone 4S for daily use and the speed is also significantly faster in launching apps. Through my test on three apps of the processor-and network-intensive requirements which can take more time to start and the final result was that at least, the speed of the 4S is twice as quick as that of the iPhone 4:

The time comparison for launching apps, calculated in seconds, with the iPhone 4S first:

  • Safari: 1 seconds, compared to 4 seconds
  • Spotify: 4 seconds, compared to 9 seconds
  • Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem: 4 second vs. 7 second

It will also take less time with the iPhone 4S to load websites. With the Wi-Fi capability, generally, the speed of the iPhone 4S was 20% faster at minimum, compared to the iPhone 4:

The following time is measured in seconds, starting with the iPhone 4S with desktop of full sizes:

  • 2 seconds, compared to 4 seconds
  • 5 seconds, compared to 8 seconds
  • 5 seconds, compared to 6 seconds.
  • 3 seconds, compared to 5 seconds.
  • 4 seconds, compared to 4 seconds.

Another slight improvement with bigger implications can be seen through the phone screen in the top left corner. Instead of finding only Verizon or AT&T as commonly, there are additional carriers like Sprint and C Spire that you can find on several iPhone 4S models. With these new additional carriers, you can have a large number of choices. It is very great and surprising to have the offering of C Spire which is a small, regional carrier, mainly serving the Deep South. This promises that the iPhone shall be offered by a larger number of small carriers in a short time later.

One significant drawback of all the mentioned new strong capabilities as well as flexibility is that you don’t have as good battery life with the iPhone 4S as you can find with the previous iPhone versions. Of course, the battery is still ok but it will take more time to charge the battery of the iPhone 4S versus the iPhone 4. According to several reports, this is due to a software flaw, not due to hardware one. If this is true, a fix is expected to be soon (meanwhile, you can see the tips on extending iPhone battery life)

The final change that is necessary but not really noticeable is about the camera. With the previous iPhone camera, the image resolution was five megapixels and the video resolution is 720p HD. With the iPhone 4S, you can shoot images of up to 8MP resolution and record videos with the support of 1080p HD shooting capability. These are two important improvements.

To feel the above significant changes, you can check out this fascinating comparison of the same photo taken with each iPhone generation’s camera. With the iPhone 4S, you can obtain significantly brighter, crisper as well more lifelike photos.

In addition, one important improvement that you should notice is the better responsiveness of the camera as well as camera app. You can easily find it faster to shoot the first photo and you don’t have wait for too long to shoot the next ones.

Siri Is A Very Innovative Advantage

Among the new nice under-the-hood offerings, the most impressive one which has attracted a lot of attention of people is the Siri. It is a very amazing application that can rely on the users’ voice to perform a lot of digital tasks. It will be hard to help you feel the greatness of this feature if you have not experienced it.

I have not used any app that has such an intelligent integration with the phone as Siri. For example, you can make use of Siri to do some search in some complex situations. Have the Siri activated, in some seconds, you can find a high ranking hotel in Boston in which there is a pool and a gym for Saturday. Even, there is a list of similar hotels which offer the above attributes, with the ranking from the highest to the lowest (through users of Yelp that is the place in which the Siri obtains that kind of data).  Imagine about this for a while. The app will have to be very intelligent to be aware of what you have meant, such as Boston, Mass., type of the hotels, the offerings of these hotels and put it in a ranked list. And the time for doing this is just some seconds.

This technology will become more and more popular since now.

The Siri’s abilities are even more than that; for example, you can set one reminder depending on time or the geographic location at your place for a certain appointment or move this to the next day. In addition, you can have the camera text message or write emails easily at your dictation on this app. I can’t deny that Siri’s dictation feature is very great. It can perform tasks correctly, even when you are in a noisy environment such as in a car. Moreover, Siri can base on the context to distinguish between plurals and possessives, which is very smart. I have compared Siri with the Dragon Dictation app and found that there are much fewer errors with this extremely intelligent Siri app. You should notice that Dragon Dictation cannot distinguish the difference between plurals and possessives as Siri can.

Because Siri can get access to a larger number of apps and data sources (in addition the phone itself, it just can get access to the Wolfram Alpha and Yelp search engine now), you can find this super useful and impressive.

A small notice in the mentioned above statement implicates a potential limitation of Siri, though. As I told you earlier, the situation that I have used Siri is in my car only. And for other times, my hands are free for using the phone and I have time to look at the screen. Maybe it will be quicker to change one appointment with Siri than to find calendar and manually change the date. We have to check whether users make a habit of using Siri. Currently, people often use Siri in some certain situations, for example, when they are driving and want to use the phone without losing the attention on the car driving activity.

Obviously, Siri is a breakthrough innovation in the technology of smartphone interfaces and I must recognize that now it is available in an increasing numbers of devices (even in some rumors, people say that Siri will be included in Apple HDTV; this is pretty interesting), Apply will basically change your way in interacting with the technology.

The Summary

As I mentioned earlier, users of the Apple iPhone 4 may tell the right thing: if there is no inclusion of Siri, iPhone 4S has nothing special beyond the nice features that are already included with the iPhone 4. It is not necessarily a must-have upgrade. If you feel satisfied with your current iPhone 4, there is no need for the upgrade.

But if your iPhone is just an older version, you may be interested in the enhancements in the responsiveness, the speed and camera with the iPhone 4S. In addition, the impressive and high-responsive Retina Display screen is very nice for considering an upgrade. In case that you have not got an iPhone yet, certainly, you should have one.

In addition to some better features (for example, you can see several Android smartphone with a screen of much larger size), the overall experience with the iPhone 4S – from hardware to software and the usability as well, this smartphone is really worth your consideration.