Complete Buying Guide: Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Headset Buying guide

Bluetooth headset is a device that can connect to your phone without the need of wired connection. When your phone is bluetooth compatible, the headset will be able to pair with it and receive an make phone calls without having to touch your phone. Typically a phone-headset paring using bluetooth can work well within 10 meters.

Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Headset

A low-end bluetooth headset can have price of about USD 30. More expensive models (about USD 100) usually have smaller size that has good fit into your ear. Most popular buetooth brands: Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Plantronic, Jabra.

Nowadays more and more models are stereo, meaning that the headsets you buy can not only make and receive phone calls, but also listen to music from phones that have built-in music player and bluetooth stereo compatibility. These new models are more expensive (from USD 50 to USD 100). The sound quality is quite good, but not as excellent as a wired headset.

How to choose


Our survey showed that more comfortable headsets are usually smaller and lighter. Some headsets canĀ  be inserted directly into your ear canal, while the majority of models have ear clip or hook to keep them in position. If you want to be sure to have good fit, you can look for models that have a series of ear adapters.

Voice quality

The sound quality is adequate for most models. Some models can perform well in noisy conditions, some do not. The better the sound quality, the easier the quality is compromised by the noise and wind in the surroundings.

Set-up time

The paring procedure between the headset and your phone may be difficult and time consuming. Some new models have simplified this procedure a lot, you only need to press one button and the remaining process is automatic. Normally, a bluetooth headset can only connect to one phone at a time. You need to disconnect it before you can pair with another device. Advanced models are capable of connecting to multiple device, however, we don’t see the necessity of this functionality.


Bluetooth headsets run on battery, just like the phone itself. The headset can work continuously for about 4 to 8 hours. Longer working hours allow less frequent charging. Some model can connect and charge directly from a computer via a USB port. A low battery warning indicator is also important, so that you can plan when to charge the device.

Other useful features

Headset with the volume control and last-number redial are important. Call hold can temporary suspend the talk when you need to talk with someone else. Some models allow you to mute the voice to prevent the caller from hearing what you talking, but still allows you to hear what he says. When you decide to buy a bluetooth headset, you’d better check with the manufacturer whether it is compatible with your phone. It will not work properly if it is not compatible.

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