Google Nexus 6 Review

Overview of the Google Nexus 6

Going longer, bigger is just a natural trend of smartphone these days.  Smartphones nowadays are much likely to replace the need for a tablet since it is big enough to watch movie, browse the Internet, play games while it is easier to hold with one hand and yet lighter. However, the smartphone market which full of competitors, offering a wide range of price, features and add-in accordingly, many companies is making new products introduction continuously into the market to gain market shares. Finding the segment which is big enough to generate superior volume and revenue is a challenging task. Furthermore, the market leader like Apple and SamSung are still held the largest share in the market, how to beat those competitors is another daunting challenge.  Google Nexus can be considered as a new player coming to the market, the latest release of Google Nexus 6 is believed to bring a twisting point to the whole game and beat the Galaxy Note 4 and Iphone 6 Plus in the plus – size segment.

Google Nexus 6 Review Buy

Google Nexus 6 Review Buy

Let’s break down all attributions of Google Nexus 6 to see how is worth for the money.

Detail Review of the Google Nexus 6


With a strong hardware powered by 2.7GHz Snapdragon 805 processor, which can be found in Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Google Nexus 6 guarantees a stable experience when playing games or loading images. Furthermore, it is still keeping Google’s strong point like other previous products of Google.  It has a convenience way to charge the device; it only takes 15 minutes of charging for 6 hours usage. Additionally, the smartphone supports charging by wireless which is hard to find in other devices.

For someone who wants to travel around, take pictures of every beautiful scenery you have seen, keep your valuable memory with you, the Nexus 6 is what you are looking for. With a 13 – megapixel camera, you will not miss any moment of your life. Not to mention a 3GB Ram and up to 32GB internal storage, you can download and install as much program as you needed. However, like Iphone, there is no place for external card.


With the technical specification of 6.27 x 3.27 x 0.40 inches, weight 6.49 ounces, Google Nexus 6 is longer, wider, thicker and of course heavier than both SamSung Note 4 and Iphone 6 Plus. Therefore, it is harder to hold than the other two.

Google Nexus 6 is designed to have a curve, plastic back, the fingerprint remains in the back after uses which is very annoying for 650$ device.


Maybe the device is hard to hold, however, it does offer a wider screen, better resolution than other two plus- sized products of SamSung and Apple. For someone who does not want to bring both your mobile phone and your tablet, Google Nexus 6 is definitely your good choice. For color display, it depends on preferences of users. Since Iphone is considered as the most realistic color display than the other two. If we place these three devices in order, Iphone gives the whitest display, coming right after is Google Nexus 6, SamSung Note 4 is appeared to be the most black-display one. The color of SamSung Note 4 is the most unrealistic, Iphone 6 plus is the best one and Google Nexus falls somewhere in between.

Software features

Run on the Android 5 system, now the device looks much more colorful in displaying icon. The most recent, frequent use apps are restructured to display as a matrix which makes it friendlier to the users. Furthermore, you may have the feeling that it actually interacts with your every move. Each time you touch the screen, you may experience a movement of the device, maybe is the wave when your finger goes from left to right, or maybe is a transparent gray shade undulation when you tap. Let’s you try it yourself to find out whether you prefer this feel like alive device or not.

You can also see your notification easily in the lock screen to remind you of your activities. If you want to have more detail on the notification, just tap in the notification and then the device will take you directly to the app. Also, you can get rid of it by swiping.

You can also access your recent apps, which is renamed as Overview, by tapping the square symbol in the bottom of the device. Right after tapping it, there appear series of flashcard which represent the apps running in the background. You can exit the program completely by switching these one by one -because there is no clear – all button.

Another plus point for Google Nexus 6 is the build of guest mode and screen pinning. Imagine your kids playing your phone and you do not want them to mess up your device, you can restrict them to only an already running app. For the guest mode, you can control the access of other people to your personal apps. You can let them access only the dial mode or camera.

Moreover, you can transfer all your data from your old phone just by using NFC. Turn on Bluetooth in both devices and then wait for the transfer data finish. The time end depends on how much data you need to transfer.

Camera and video

As mention earlier in the review, with the 13 pixel camera, Google Nexus 6 may satisfy all you need for an unprofessional camera. It can produce a good photo both in –  door and out – door. With a harsh level of light such as in door or direct sunlight, HDR mode can help you have a good picture. However, the auto – focus mode is not working probably. For example, the nearest flower petal will not be focused as we want before blurring all the surrounding areas.

2 mega pixel front facing camera is good enough for both in and out door picture.

There are also a plenty of shooting modes for you to choose, from the basic one like Panorama or HDR to advanced like lens – blur or photo sphere. You can also edit your photo, modify the color, adjusting, filtering and cropping in the photo gallery.

Come to the video camera, it can produce high – quality video; it can cope well with changing light level while still capture superior color and sharpness.


  • Call quality

The call quality is great in both in and out- door. Even you make a call outdoor, the receiver will not be disturb by the noise thank to the filter. The volume is also sufficient to hear. However, the audio mode could be improved. It is expected to have louder volume even though it is still clear to hear.

  • Data speeds, processing speed and battery life

The data speed is good enough for browsing website and download apps. It took only 7 sec to load New York Times, 2 min and 53 sec for download and install Temple Run 2 which is very impressive. With Ookla’s speed test, it produces results of 10.11Mbps download and 8.97Mbps upload.

Snapdragon 805 processor enable Google Nexus 6 run smoothly even on Graphic intensive games such as Riptide GP 2. For normal operation such as opening apps, back to home screen, you can do it without a pause.

The battery life is indeed impressive as well. It takes only 1 hour and 50 minutes to fully charge. You are freely to surf the Internet with Wifi on up to 8.5 hours and up to 7 hours when using LTE.


Without a doubt, Google introduced Nexus 6 to compete with iphone 6 Plus and SamSung Note 4. Yet indeed, the Google Nexus 6 may hold against its rivals. The Iphone 6 Plus may prevail in size and design, but the Google Nexus 6 is better in term of performance test. If you are Google fan, do not miss out the Nexus 6. If the size does not matter and you fond of bigger screen, well do not hesitate to bring home the lasts Google Nexus 6.

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