HTC One M8 Review

Introduction to the  HTC One M8

HTC One M8 is an impressive model in the Android smartphone market with its amazing design

For any successful smartphone, its manufacturer has always to face one challenge: that is the higher expectations from the community for the successor. Last year, when HTC released the first generation of the HTC One product line, one of the very impressive features was its amazing unibody design, which was a great step of HTC versus many smartphone manufacturers. Ignore other Android phones such as the Galaxy smartphones from Samsung with the plasticky backs or LG G Flex with the unique design style. The first-generation HTC One even stepped into the competition with the Apple iPhones for the designfeatures.

HTC One M8 Review Buy

HTC One M8 Review Buy

Review of the  HTC One M8 smartphone

Not long later, in 2014, HTC has released the HTC One M8 – the successor of the first-generation HTC One of 2015. How is this second-generation HTC One assessed in the current market? And does it meet the greater expectations from the community? The nice thing here is that the HTC M8 is an improved version based on the concept of the first generation. Once again, you will find the unibody design with this M8, this time with even more aluminum than the now rebadged “M7″. Thanks to using more metal and the thin design, the M8 continues to bring you the more expensive and well-built feel, especially when you compare this phone to other Android rivals which include plastic parts. You should thoroughly consider using any cover case with this phone or not because the great design may be covered up with a case. There are three color options for you to select, including: gray, silver and metallic gold for James Bond movie villains.

“I don’t want you to talk, Mr. Bond. I want you to die.”

You may find the above film and enjoy watch it on the HTC M8. In comparison with the previous M7 version with the screen measurement of 4.7 inches, the screen of the M9 is up to 5 inches, which is very large.

The HD LCD screen is of high resolution, up to 1080p and the Corning’s Gorilla Glass can well protect the phone from scratches. The M8 has the water-resisting capability and offers some protection from the elements. You can also find speakers of the M7 retained in the front of the M8 but these speakers have been improved and the sound is louder than the audio of the previous version. There is no doubt that the “BoomSound” monicker of the M8 is the greatest audio that I have had a chance to experience in a smartphone.

The HTC One M8 supports the DuoCamera feature, so you can easily see that there are two lenses in the back of the phone. With this feature you can use the available effects to make the back ground become blurred. This may be just an advertising technique under the eyes of enthusiastic photographers, but the average users will love this feature. While the image quality of photos shot in the natural lighting condition does not outperform that of the competitors, the HTC M8 is outstanding in shooting photos under the inadequate lighting conditions. Of course, in terms of the camera, you can’t compare the M8 to a specialized camera but we can’t deny that not many Android smartphones can have such a good capability in the low light photography.

The HTC One M8 uses the quad-core Snapdragon processor, which enables the phone perform very fast. Together with the Android 4.4 “KitKat” operating system is the custom Sense 6 user interface on the top panel. For buyers who want the vanilla Android system with faster updates, they may not be satisfied, but buyers who don’t care much will like the bells and whistles of this sleek interface. With the 2,600 mAh battery life, it is good enough for using the phone during the whole day of regular use. Especially, if you like to shoot a large number of images and videos, the included microSD slot work very well. The 4G performs well and the call quality is great on the Verizon variant that I have experienced.

Outside of the great aspects in the design, there remain some drawbacks. The first one is that the batteries can’t be swapped because the phone uses the unibody design. In addition, because of the metal inclusion beside the plastic parts, it makes the phone a bit heavy, even when you have not slapped the phone case. To be fair, the HTC One M8 has not been significantly improved from the previous model – M7, so it is also nice to start with the first M7 generation. But in comparison with other phones from the same manufacturer such as HTC Inspire or HTC Thunderbolt, the design of the M8 is much more impressive as well as it has been significantly improved. If you like to have one great Android smartphone with the excellent design and fast performance, the HTC One M8 is really worth your consideration.

Final rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

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