Huawei Honor 6 Review

Let’s take a look at our detailed review about Huawei Honor 6 smartphone – an affordable phone with latest technology.

Pros: good display quality which brings vibrant and lively videos and photos, powerful processor (octa-core), extremely affordable price.

Cons: Unfamiliar interface due to changes in platform of Huawei Android, which makes the phone feel cheap and makes users annoying when using it.

Bottom line

The Honor 6 is stuffed with many impressive specifications with a greatly budget-friendly price tag. If you are the one who is looking for a good display screen and a speedy engine in a phone but do not want to pay much for a gadget, the Honor 6 is a really good choice for you to consider.

Let’s give some greeting to Honor – a new smartphone brand who has just entered the massive and brutal game of smartphone market.

For many people, they may think it’s stupid when launching a new brand of smartphone at this currently extremely crowded market. However, actually Honor is not a new brand since it belongs to Huawei – a big Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Although Honor is not set as a separated company, it still operates as a separate brand.

And the Honor 6 is launched as the debut of Honor brand to the smartphone world. The device comes up with many top-tech specs such as: 13 MP came, octa-core processor, 5-inch-size screen with full HD display and the support of 6 LTE (in case the local networks supports, users can benefit up to 300 Mbps network speed). Sounds familiar for many people, right? The reason is that in the Chinese market, Huawei has launched the sibling Huawei Honor 6 in June. Now, the Honor 6 is widely introduced and on sale in the European market with the disappearance of Huawei logo, since they want to introduce a new smartphone brand in this big market as I’ve explained previously.

Even though this device is not totally new at all, there are still many interesting things to expect and get excited about. The Honor 6 packs with many latest and top-notched specifications, which shall threaten many high-end rivals, and the threatening is even stronger with an extremely affordable price – only £250. On Amazon UK, this one is SIM-free. The Honor 6 is officially launched on November 10th 2014. In the US market, official date for the debut has not been fixed yet so please stay tuned for further information. The price is equivalent to 400 in USD.

Design and Display

Simply talking, the Honor 6’s look can be considered a cheaper-looking version of the iPhone 4. There are many similar details with the iPhone 4’s such as: the black back glass and front glass, the metallic stripe around phone edges to separate 2 panels. The material of rounding strip is not real metal, it’s just metallic-looking plastic. Thus, the feeling shall not be as luxurious as in the iPhone 4.

Actually, in consideration with the cheap price tag, we cannot complain anything about the cheap looking of the Honor 6 since the luxurious looking comes with the elite phones (such as the HTC One M8iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Alpha) which are quoted hundreds of pounds higher.

At least, the black back glass brings a sleek look to the device from a distance. In the launching ceremony, the Honor 6’s back panel is boated about as “inspired by nature” or “dazzling, 3D diamond”. The fact is pretty apart since I can only notice the faintest pattern just at the right angle and it has to be under the strongly bright sunlight. Otherwise, the back panel is just plain black. And in fact, the tagline “inspired by nature” belongs to the Galaxy S3 of Samsung.

The screen display is at 5-inch size, and it makes the Honor 6 not compact at all. The bezel is quite narrow so that users do not need to stretch out to hold such large display. Holding the Honor 6 by one hand is also pretty comfortable, however, typing requires both hands to operate properly. The internal storage is 16GB and users can expand further with a microSD slot provided.

Regarding the screen display, this is a full-HD quality screen with resolution at 1920 x 1080 pixel and 440 ppi. The pixel density spec definitely can beat the one in many top-end phones such as the Galaxy S5 (432 ppi), the iPhone 6 (326ppi), the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact (319ppi) and the Samsung Galaxy Alpha (312ppi).

Such good resolution shall surely bring crisp and sharp display to the icons, text, images, Webpages and videos on the device. The screen is sufficiently bright to counter the most exceedingly awful of our overhead office lights, it’s got nice review edges and it has solid color hues as well. The temperature of colors is also quite even, but users still can modify this color factor for their photos in settings menu.

Huawei Honor 6 Review Buy

Huawei Honor 6 Review Buy

Software and processor

Operating system being shipped with the Honor 6 is the Android 4.4.2 KitKat, this Android version is not the latest and it’s already few versions behind. For premium smartphone, this issue is obviously major negative. However, in the budget-friendly range, users shall easily forgive this one. It cannot be said that it’s not beat a la mode, as Honor has utilized the same Android skin you’ll discover on Huawei telephones, which drastically changes the look of the product’s software.

Biggest change can be mentioned here is the disappearance of app tray, therefore, the downloaded applications shall be located on multiple homescreens. Personally, I do not like this since the phone may look messy and too crowded unless otherwise apps are arranged in strict layout order. There are several apps and games such as: Real Football 2015, Bubble Bash Mania or Bitcasa and Kingsoft Office already installed on the phone. I personally recommend you to uninstall every unnecessary apps, just keep the apps that really are helpful to you.

The modification also comes in the menu layout and app icons. Moreover, there are also various themes to choose to alternate color scheme. Lock screen has also been modified in the Honor 6, in this device, the lock screen shall give users instant access to a torch, a calculator and media controls. However, this access shall not be available if an unlock PIN is set.

The processor of the Honor 6 is octa-core, which is equivalent to 2 quad-core chips. In the device, these 2 chips are clocked at 1.7GHz and 1.3GHz. RAM is 3GB, which is also very impressive. These factors, even for the elite premium smartphone, count up a powerful engine, not talking about a low-budget phone like the Honor 6. According the result of Geekbench test, the Honor 6’s engine achieves 4,272 scores, which is relatively healthy since the score of Galaxy Alpha is 4350. However, the Quadrant test result is not positive as the Geekbench, since the device just achieve 11734 score while the Galaxy Alpha score up to 23729.

In fact, Benchmark test are not always accurate at showing the actual performance of one device. In actual using experience, I found it work perfectly well. The Asphalt 8 – a heavy glossy racer game can be played smoothly without any pause. High definition movies can also be streamed smoothly with crisp images, vibrant colors at minimum lag.

This Honor 6 can satisfy users with all standard daily tasks (such as social networking, email, musics, videos and so on). This little hero can also even well cope with more demanding activities with the same speed and quality as you expect from a far more expensive smartphones.

Battery and camera

The battery power of the Honor 6 is 3,100mAh, which is claimed to be able to last for whole heavily used day or 2 moderately used days. Sounds impressive but according to my real test, I’m not convinced with such claim. Since the battery dropped from 100% to 68% just after 2 hours of video streaming, this result is just at average range.

However, for general users, a full day of using can be easily seen since these users do not demand too much. But if you spend your whole morning watching high definition videos with full brightness, surely you will have to boost the phone in the afternoon. In order to have better life for the battery, you are advised to avoid streaming or gaming and to turn off GPS or Wifi when the phone is not in use.

The back camera of the Honor 6 is 13 MP cam, which is relatively impressive portion at the low-budget phone range. The capturing quality is quite decent with adequate exposure.

The front cam is a 5 MP cam for selfies (of course) and for video call (via Skype or Google’s Hangouts). Pictures taken from this cam is relatively fair. Some digital effects (such as skin softening and eyes brightening) can also be added to have more beautiful results in the selfies pics.


Obviously, the Honor 6 is not the thinnest, the most attractive-looking or the strongest smartphone in town. But with an extremely budget-friendly price tag and a pack of impressive and top-end specs, the Honor 6 is definitely a solid choice to go for.

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