LG G Flex 2 Review

Overview of LG G Flex 2 Smartphone

In an increasingly fierce phone industry nowadays, manufacturers not only want to enhance operating system but also to integrate new functions as well as creating experiment that users never had. In addition, they research and release new design that draws attention of everyone from the first glance. You might be too familiar with the phones with flat surface, but almost totally new to the phones with elegantly novel curved shape. LG G Flex 2 Smartphone is designed in such perspective.

LG G Flex 2 Review Buy

LG G Flex 2 Review Buy

LG G Flex 2 is the updated version of the G Flex line, meaning that there are new innovation and enhancement integrated in this device. Let’s see how it persuades those scholarly phone reviewers and users.

Detail Review of the LG G Flex 2


The curvature of this device is at approximately 23 degree, which seems not significant, but really cinematic instead. Looking at this LG G Flex 2, you should associate it with a curved TV, something larger and more wonderful, something that you want to buy immediately.

The LG G Flex 2 is obviously not an ideal phone to put into pockets, on tables with a balanced state or somewhere in bags. In an attempt to reduce this inconvenience, the manufacturer has improved the G Flex with an excellent coating layer to extend its durability and a superior rear panel with self-heating ability to be free from scuffs collected from the environment around. These enhancements in design are to ensure a better survival in the stressing daily life basis. But don’t let your experiment go too far, if you test the coating endurance with a sharp object, it may be left with an ugly scar.

The LG’s generation G3 has some undeniably attractive features, and the G Flex 2 has utilized these to create a more uncluttered look, such as reformed back buttons or the rear speaker. This phone is not much slim compared to the G3, but its thickness and weight are compact enough to put in the pocket. The headphone port is situated at the bottom – which is a little annoying to the users.

This device is design with a removable back for users to change the SIM card, check the battery or add a microSD card to boost the storage capacity, though it has already been included with a 32GB internal storage.


It is not exaggerated to say that the LG G Flex 2 owns an amazing camera. The 13 Megapixel laser auto-focus sensor itself associated with OIS+ functionality and a dual LED flash for close-up shooting – performs it functions well to provide user with novel and interesting experiments. Every image seems to be deeper and more stunning as the details are all revealed and sharpened. Snapping functions also include Ultra HD video recording, a vista mode, a pointless fun dual camera setting and a shutter control activated by voice. Your photos are even much better if you spend a little time studying and applying standard editing software featured in the device.

Gesture Shot – a gesture-based feature is also included in the Flex 2, by which you can capture a picture without touching the screen or pressing buttons. Just adjust your posture and expression in an appropriate way, lower the device towards you, then the image preview mode will be digitally opened up to choose. It is believed that in reality the G Flex 2 works amazingly well and is more discreet than some voice-based modes on other phones.

Taking pictures in an uneven lighting condition requires a special mode to plummet the damaging effect of shadowy areas. Apple, Samsung has provided incredibly High Dynamic Range shots, and so does the G Flex 2. With the HDR mode, the photos captured seem to be natural without much trace of being processed and details in the shadow are more clearly shown.

Shooting video is not a tailor-made function, as you are limited to the maximum of five-minute recording time. You should stick with the Full HD 1080p mode, by which the space is not wasted while increasing the capability of making footage of a high quality.

Screen and display

Unlike normal straight smart phones, the LG Flex 2 requires a flexible durability, that’s why it is applied with a Gorilla Glass 3 coating together with a plastic OLED panel and a special LG treatment called “Dura Guard Glass”. This is to protect the whole screen in contrast to its center.

The most unsuitable characteristic of this device’s predecessor is the screen resolution. For a 6-inch screen phone, the resolution of just 720p HD – leading to the 245ppi pixel density, is not something worth mentioning. Fortunately, LG has realized and improved this downside. The G Flex 2 now comes with a smaller screen of 5.5-inch while the resolution increases to Full HD 1080p, not something trivial anymore.

Integrated with a more flexible and durable plastic OLED display, the Flex 2 benefits users with outstanding brightness, imposing contrast ratio and preferable color gamut. The screen modes can be switched to standard, natural or vivid, but the normal standard mode is the most kitted out.


LG G Flex 2 is equipped with the latest processor Qualcomm – Snapdragon 1.5 GHz clocked at 810, which is coupled with an Adreno 430 graphics chip and RAM of 2GB, which is informed to allow stable and smooth operation. You can perform multiple intensive tasks such as texting, reading newspapers or playing highly configured games; surfing sites or launching applications is also very fast.

The fact of shocking situation rarely happens, but it doesn’t mean no problem occurs. A simple thing is the warming state of affairs while installing apps and games, things become even more complicated for running intensive tasks such as Nova 3 and Real Racing 3. Lag swiping or software stuttering easily comes up while launching apps, something not expected in a high-end smartphone.

These above issues are not entirely due to the curvilinear design, but it is undeniable that this exceptional shape somewhat influences. Obviously, the manufacturer is still in the process of upgrading the product to bring new appearance experiences that still operate efficiently.

  • Call and Sound Quality:

Ignoring problems arising from the curve, the G Flex 2’s design bring some benefits, such as improving call quality by getting the speaker closer to your mouth and ears. Besides, there is another microphone for exterior noise frustration, which enables clearer and more comfortable sounds.

The single speaker positioned on the rear offers a justly standard performance without providing new ascertainment. No real distortion is discovered while transferring loudness of a high quality, but there is little warmth, though.

Software and apps

This device runs on the Android 5.0.2 Lollipop system simultaneously with the LG’s user interface are considered to overpower that of Samsung, as gesture-based features are more helpful. Thanks to the Lollipop invention, users now are full of smarter keyboard, high-security features and new native apps and software.

The most striking gesture-related feature is Glance View, which allows you to quickly look at notifications such as new missed calls or check time and weather even in sleep mode. In addition, the Dual-Window allows you to run two different apps simultaneously. In reality, this function doesn’t work for all apps, but it is still useful when implementing multiple intense tasks without crash.

Texting becomes difficult for a long message and email. To deal with this issue, LG has supported the adaptive technology, which not only allows users to expand the tapping room but also customize the keyboard’s height to be suitable to each preference.

The new Health platform provides users with daily information and recommendations to enhance their health conditions as well as to reach their targeted weight. Just add weight or blood pressure data and record your sport activities such as cycling, running, walking, swimming, etc. this platform will analyze and make the best suggestion. However, sometimes it confuses between different activities, such as running and walking, and provides incorrect information.

Battery life

The LG G Flex 2 is included with a non-detachable curvy battery – which provides users with a two-day usage, the same as its predecessor. Of course, this durability is for general use. With more complicated or much power-required tasks such as playing videos or games, the battery life will definitely reduce much.

Thanks to the Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology, you can get from 0 to 50 percent of battery in a short period of less than 40 minutes or full charge in over an hour. So the issue of forgetting to re-charge is not something significant.


It is indubitable that the LG G Flex 2 is the best bet among curved smart phones right now. With a 5.5 inch display, a resolution reached 1080×920 megapixel, this device delivers sharp images, rich colors and wide viewing angles. For a basic use, surfing the web, watching movies or playing games is just a breeze.

However, the manufacturer should still create more improvements as well as address those current issues for a better performance.

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