LG G Vista Review

Let’s take a look at our review for te supersized smartphone – the LG G Vista.

Pros: affordable price, massive screen display, interesting and useful customized software from LG.

Cons: the massive size may be troublesome for some users, internal storage is limited and the 720p resolution is not good enough for such massive size of the screen display.

Bottom line: the LG G Vista is a worth considering choice for people who are looking for a budget-friendly big-sized phablet.

Similar to the ZTE Boost Max and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – the LG G Vista, with its massive 5.7 inches screen, has joined the battle among massive phablets world.

Despite of the big size, the on-contract price is not big at all. Instead, the LG G Vista’s price tag is very affordable. For on-contract service, it only costs $50 on AT&T and on Verizon, it’s even free. Without contract agreement, the LG G Vista cost $400 and $355 on Verizon and AT&T respectively. Reason for such low price is the mid-range specification: the 720p resolution of the screen, the 8 MP cam and the 400 CPU Snapdragon. The device is like the scaled-up size but scaled-down specs of the LG G3.

As the pictures taken on LG G Vista is not the best and it’s processor is not the most powerful, it does not mean the Vista is not a good handset. Actually, its performance can be considered reliable at an attractive cost. Thus, in general, this device is my recommendation for users who has small budget but still look for a phablet.


As mentioned previously many times, the LG G Vista is huge. Although there are still many bigger devices such as: the 6.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Mega, the 6-inch Nokia Lumia 1320, the LG G Vista is still pretty massive with dimension at 5.99 inches x 3.12 inches x 0.36 inch (length x width x thickness). You can only manage the handset with 2 hands unless you have massive palm.  With such big size, obviously small handbags and jean pockets are not the place for the Vista, suitable place for this gadget is the shoulder bags. The 5.93 ounce weight may be hefty for some users, however, in consideration with the massive size of the Vista, this weight is surprisingly light.

The IR blaster (which assists the Quick Remote app to control various home appliances) and the headphone jack are placed on the top of the phone. On the bottom edge sits the Micro-USB charging port. Different with other brands’ handsets, the volume rocker, the control buttons and the power/sleep button are all located on the back cover of the LG G Vista. Two small speakers’ slits sit right below these buttons. This arrangement is similar in the brothers of the LG Vista such as the G2 Mini, the Flex 2 and the G3. The slots for microSD and removable battery can be approached by opening the back cover.

Corning Gorilla Glass 3 is used for the 5.7 inch screen display of the Vista, with 1280 x 720 HD resolution and pixel density at 258 ppi.  It’s far more to be compared with the elite device such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (whose resolution is up to 1440p), however, it’s still forgivable with such affordable price tag. In general, everything appears on the Vista’s screen quite bright and crispy and the screen is viewable under direct sunlight. The viewing angles are also wide and colors are vivid. The screen is also very responsive.

LG G Vista Review  Buy

LG G Vista Review Buy

Software features

Android 4.4.2 KitKat is the operating system being shipped with the Vista. With this OS, you will have all Google apps as you expect such as Chrome browser, Gmail, Google Drive and Google Hangouts. Other portals to approach many services supplied by Google Play such as Play Books, Play Music, Youtube.. are also available.

Device for AT&T network shall be preloaded with apps such as DriveMode (which lets users send messages while driving faster than 25mph), FamilyMap (which lets users locate their family members via AT&T account) and My AT&T (which lets users check account info and data). Mobile Locate app is another goodie since it helps pinpoint your phone’s current location if it gets lost or stolen. AT&T Live – the news app is also available to let you watch TV shows with 7 days of trial usage for Mobile TV. Other services and apps being supplied by AT&T can be listed here are: apps for navigation, for setting mobile hotspot and voice mail, for connecting to public Wifi and for usage manager. Through AT&T Locker, 5GB of cloud storage is also available for free.

With Verizon network, featuring app to be mentioned is the My Verizon Mobile (which helps users checking their data usage, caller ID and cloud services). Apps which are similar to AT&T’s are also available such as navigation, voice mail, message… Several Amazon Apps can also be found on the LG G Vista for Verizon.

Similar to other LG’s handsets, LG G Vista is also baked in with some signature software of LG such as Dual Window – which can be accessed by long-pressing “back” key on screen. Just by dragging 2 apps’ icons to the bottom or top of the screen, this software shall help you split screen of the 2 chosen apps. KnockCode shall help you in unlocking lock screen or turning on the device by just 1 action. Guest mode, QSlide and QMemo+ are also very helpful. So, my recommendation is you should take sometimes to discover these features too optimize your using experience of the LG G Vista.

The specs of LG G Vista are not impressive at all: just 1.5GB Ram, 8GB built-in storage and NFC support. However, it’s still forgivable with the mid-range phablet like this, except the 8GB internal storage and it the approachable storage is even less.

Camera and video

Though the photo quality taken by the 8 MP cam shall not be impressive, it’s decent and acceptable. Under ideal lighting conditions, things are in-focus with clear outlines. Obviously, with lower lighting conditions, objects shall be a little bit blurred with soft outlines, less in-focus and contains digital noise. At times, colors appearance lacks of vibrancy and there will be an unattractive yellow cast on the photos when using flash.

Talking about video capturing, the results are good with well-displayed 1080p HD video quality. Still objects and moving objects are both captured well and in-focus with true colors and well picked-up audio. However, the camera shall need some seconds to adjust the focus and lighting. Good thing is that no lag is found between viewfinder’s live footage and the camera’s moving.

Setting options for camera are kept to minimum with just HDR and panorama shooting mode, grid lines, timer and voice-activated shutter. Pictures can be taken in 4 different sizes and video can be captured at 2 standard resolution with the rear cam. With the 1.3MP front-cam, there are 2 sizes for photos taken and 1 size (720p) for video captured. A “beauty meter” is included in the front cam to beautify the selfies.


About call quality, as my test in San Francisco on both Verizon and AT&T network, the results are both good. Call quality is reliable with no conversation dropped, consistent audio and appropriate volume range.

According to 4G LTE speed test, in terms of web surfing, data speeds are overall similar in both 2 networks with averagely 6 – 8 secs to load. Obviously, this result is variable depends on locations and online time.

The engine of LG G Vista is powered by a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor, which is popular among mid-range smartphones nowadays. With this processor, daily and basic tasks can be easily executed without issues. Other more advanced actions many take more time to process such as editing photos or playing graphics-intensive game like Riptide GP 2.

According to the results on Quadrant benchmark tests, the LG G Vista gots 8,969 scores while the LG G2 Mini and the Motorola Moto G (2014) got 8,369 and 8,839 scores respectively.

The 3,200 mAh battery can helps the device last easily a workday without charging, with maximum brightness and mild usage. LG claims that the Vista can last up to 26 hours of talking time and 15 hours of general use. For my real test, the Verizon model last for 17 hours and 21 mins of video streaming while the AT&T version just last for 14 hours and 48 mins.


If you are looking for an elite phablet to smoothly and quickly handle all difficult and easy tasks, LG G Vista is not the choice for you. Instead, look for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or the upcoming Galaxy Note 4.

However, if you are looking for an affordably priced devices, the LG G Vista is a worth-considering option among other mid-range handsets I have experienced.

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