LG G3 Review

Overview of the LG G3

About one year ago, LG had released a very impressive smartphone model – the LG G2 – the first flagship from this manufacturer with many selling points. While it was a phenomenally strong smartphone, its poor usability made it less appealing: using the Android running system made the performance heavy, and as a result, sometimes it was frustrating to use the phone. Meanwhile, the “simple is the new smart” is the new design orientation of LG this year. Based on this theory, LG has not changed too many things over the Kitkat and finally LG got a very snappy smartphone. The excellent specifications, high-class screen, the clean skins all make this an impressive phablet. We ranked this smartphone in one of the top models on the market.

The Pros

– The phone can shoot great shots, partly thanks to the optical IS and dual Led flash.

– The video capability is up to 4K.

The Cons

– The battery drains pretty fast due to powering a huge amount of pixels

Detailed Review of the LG G3

Design: 8.5/10

At first glance on the LG G2, everyone seems to think that it has a metal back, but actually, it’s made of plastic. Despite being made of plastic, the rear cover of the phone looks gorgeous thanks to the appealing metal brushes. Regardless of the large screen of 5.5 inches, it’s the thin bezels as well as the curved back plate that brings you the comfortable feeling when holding the phone. Although the design of the LG G3 is not as attractive as that of the iPhone 6 or HTC One M8, we can’t deny that its design is nice.

LG G3 Review Buy

LG G3 Review Buy

The most noticeable feature of the G3 is the 2560 x 1440 display screen with the 538 ppi density. There is no doubt that the sharpness of this screen is the best among the smartphone models which I have reviewed. You won’t be able to see the pixels with your eyes because whenever you want look at the screen as close as possible, your vision will be get out of focus very soon. Certainly, this is one of the best screens in the market now.

Although the screen of the G3 is very pretty, it faces the competition from many snappy display screens of other Android smartphones. Meanwhile, the software of the G3 has been significantly improved from its predecessor – the G2. The customized Android Kit Kat of this phone has satisfied our expectation. The menus, icons and customized apps of the LG G3 are all greater.

After you swipe to the right from the home screen of the G3, you will see a specialized panel which has been divided in two parts. You can update your activities every day in the upper half, in which a precise app for fitness-tracking has been available. For the other half, you can find a lot of useful tips videos which are provided by LG. But actually, this also accounts for a larger space on the home screen.

Cameras: 8/10

Although the camera of the G3 is not the greatest one in the market, LG has made certain efforts on this feature. The resolution of the image sensor is just 13 MP, which is not considered high, but the photos are still pretty clean and sharp, thanks to the included optical IS technology. For outdoor lighting conditions, the colors are good and you just find a very little amount of noise along hard edges. The camera tends to struggle more under low light. This is not surprising because the aperture of the camera is only limited to ƒ/2.4.

Internal Specifications: 6/10

Commonly, the batteries of phablets are often the 3000+ mAh type. The G3 also uses this type of battery and it’s a replaceable one. And it’s easy to see that it will cost more power because the screen is of high pixel density. The phones has offered 20-hour capability of using talk time feature and three-week standby time while it just lasts in 6.5 hours for web browsing. In addition, don’t forget that it will cost more power for a beautiful screen than for a display of smaller size and lower resolution. It will require you to pay attention to charging the battery frequently.

Battery Life: 6.5/10

The pixel-dense screen has the impact on not only the battery, but also the processor. For selecting options of the menu or changing from one app to others, the performance is sometimes slow although its 32-bit CPU is the fastest among our tested smartphones. The G3 used a quad-core, 2.5 GHz processor unit, together with a 3GB RAM. The more pixels the screen has, the harder the processor has to work. This processor is good enough for meeting your demands, but the experience in general cannot be compared to that of iPhone 6 or Galaxy S5.

Features: 7/10

The newest smartphones from LG has included all the common features for a flagship model, together with some other less-popular ones. Among the top three models, only the G3 has the integrated FM radio feature. In addition, instead of needing a remote control, you can make use of the built-in infrared blaster to manage the settings of a theater at home. But there is a disappointment with this smartphone: it does not have the fingerprint scanner and the waterproof capability is not supported. Although some image sensors, for example the barometer found in iPhone 6 or Galaxy S5 is not really useful for users, we’d have preferred seeing LG help lead the charge.

Bottom Line: 7.6/10

Is the list of specifications that important? In the case of LG, it’s clearly true. While LG has the ability to manufacture the excellent smartphones, now it has ranked the third position in the Android market, right after Samsung and HTC. To gain the customers’ attention requires a lot of efforts. LG has tried very hard and it has offered a list of very great specifications, including: the prominent screen, powerful processor, 3-GB RAM. In addition, the battery’s removable and you can charge it wirelessly. And many other great features. Yet, a large number of specifications do not always mean an outstanding model in the smartphone market.

Luckily, LG has succeeded in the release of the G3. Some drawbacks still remain, such as the power and volume buttons are located in the rear. It will be better if their locations are on the top or sides of the phone. The nice thing here is that LG has simplified its design, regarding both the user interface and other features. Throw in the very nice camera and screen, the LG G3 is worth your consideration.


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