Microsoft Lumia 535 Review

The Bottom Line: 6/10

The Microsoft Lumia 535 was released after its predecessor Nokia Lumia 530 – which was not a successful model. The screen of the Lumia 535 has been one-inch larger than that of Lumia 530. Obviously, this smartphone aims at the low-price market.

However, the most expected improvement is the deletion of the bad fixed-focus camera. Fortunately, with the Lumia 535, the new camera is nice thanks to the inclusion of both autofocus feature and the LED flash. The camera in the front panel is also better, which has the 5 MP image sensor. This camera is nice for taking selfie images.

Microsoft Lumia 535 Review Buy

Microsoft Lumia 535 Review Buy


At the first glance, this Lumia 535 low-priced smartphone seems to be very nice. In addition, the dual-SIM model has been sold in some places, which attracted a lot of attention from the community. You have to spend less than £70 for the SIM-free model. With this offering, this Lumia 535 can beat many other smartphones in the same size category. But the disappointment is that there are some minor mistakes that reduce the attractiveness of this model.


  • The 5-inch screen is large
  • The camera in the front is of high resolution and supports wide angle.
  • The covers can be changed


  • The screen is not responsive
  • The phone is not well built
  • The battery life is not really great

The price of the reviewed model is £100.00

Key Features:

– The screen measures 5 inches and has the dimension of 960 x 540;

– It runs the Snapdragon 200 processor;

– Both the two cameras in the front and back has the resolution of 5 megapixels

– The storage capability is up to 8GB;

– The microSD slot is supported

It’s manufactured by Microsoft

Microsoft Lumia 535 – Design & Features

There is a wide variety of color options for the Lumia 535, including: white, black, grey, orange, cyan and green. With these options, this smartphone looks more premium than it actually was at the given price. Among them, we don’t like the orange color most. Meanwhile, other options like white, grey, cyan or black please your eyes pretty well.

The colorful design has proven to be useful in distracting you from notice some issues with this model, but it cannot always do that. Sometimes, you will find that parts of these removable covers are not as good as they should, so you may notice some creaks when you pick up the phone. It’s just a tiny drawback that you may easily ignore when you can save a significant amount of money in buying this budget phone, but certainly, sometime it makes you notice.

One more noticeable drawback is that the compartment of the case with the battery may easily dislodge from the phone when you drop it down. Through a test of dropping this smartphone onto a slim carpet for several times, this compartment become continuously dislodged. If we had spilled it on the corners of that carpet, the phone would even have become more or less a certainty. Although the Gorilla Glass made the phone sturdier and free from scratches, this is just slight ease. Despite its very reasonable price, this is still concerning for such a smartphone in this aimed market.

In a brighter respective, the Lumia 535 has something to lean on. The 8GB storage capability seems to be not much needed for those who don’t perform many heavy tasks. In the case that there is a need for more space, the microSD card slot is available. The 4G connectivity is not supported at this price, but Bluetooth 4.0 is included. The phone also uses an ambient light sensor, which seems to be unfamiliar for the phones at the lower prices.

Microsoft Lumia 535 – Screen

The common screen size of budget smartphone is 4 inches or so, but the Lumia 535 is different in this aspect. Partly because of this screen, the Lumia 535 looks more premium – its 5-inch screen tends to be more similar to the competitive high-class models.

Although Microsoft applies the IPS display technology, the screen of the Lumia 535 is not something more than good enough. When viewing the screen a little off the center, you may easily find that there is a certain loss of detail. In fact, the viewing angles are pretty shallow. It’s common for IPS displays to obtain outstanding viewing angles, but it’s not all to guarantee the quality.

The colors are a bit inaccurate sometimes and you may find the white color with a bit blue-ish hue when the brightness is at lower settings. But many screens of the similarly-priced models are even far worse than that. The 960 x 540 resolution (of 220ppi density) may be pretty small for such a smartphone with the 5-inch screen. This would be reasonable if the price of the Lumia 535 was just £150, but it’s not the case here.

It’s very easy to view the screen outdoor – which is a very great for such a low-price smartphone. We just didn’t like the fact that the screen may become slightly dimmer frequently due to the setting from the ambient sensor, but it’s easy to override this.

However, it was surprising that the touch sensitivity was not really good. Sometimes, it cause typing mistakes, which is pretty annoying. This is the biggest drawback of the phone.


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