Motorola Moto X Pure Review

Let’s take a look at our deep review for the Moto X Pure of Motorola.

Pros: customizable design, expandable storage, quick charging and loud speakers.

Cons: weirdly massive size, average battery, not really attractive price.

Bottom life: if you are looking for a massive-sized phone and want to express yourself through the device’s outlook, the Motorola’s Moto X Pure is the choice for you.

Honestly, the Moto X Pure Edition – which is globally known as the Style Edition is in my favorite list as this one has an affordable price. And one more important reason is that this device is unlocked and can be able to work on all popular US networks such as: Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile or AT&T. Similarly, the international Edition – the Moto X Style can also work on all networks wherenver region it’s sold.

Moreover, following the Motorola Moto X in 2014, the 5.7-inch-size Moto X Pure also offers customizable designs. By offering this service, users can have several alternatives for their own phones such as: trim colors, back cover material, which shall make the device very personal and unique. This is surely a competitive advantage of the Moto X Pure Edition among the ocean of similar looking smartphones.

Motorola Moto X Pure Back Review Buy

Motorola Moto X Pure Back Review Buy

However, what bothers me is the massive size of the handset, which makes me feel cumbersome most of the time as my hands are comparatively small. Another so-so features can be listed here are: battery life, camera quality.

Generally, besides the customizable designs, Motorola does not introduce anything new in the Moto X Pure. Especially, when place next to the large-screend handsets like the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the OnePlus 2 and ZTE Axon Pro, the Moto X Pure does not really stand out at all.



In US market, the price of the Moto X Pure starts from $400. Price shall varies depending on designs and internal memory capacity.

In UK market, the price shall be £399 and £434 for 32 GB and 64 GB versions respectively.

For Australian market, the Moto X Pure shall only availbale in Vodafone network with a contract. Thus, there shall be AUD80 and AUD 100 plans for users with AUD 3 repayment monthly.


Design and build

The Moto X Pure comes with a huge screen: 5.7 inch in size with 2K resolution (2560 x 1440). Correspondingly, the dimension is pretty massive as it is a phablet, which is at: 6.1 inches x 3 inches x 0.4 inch at 6.3 ounces in weight.

In comparision with the Moto X in 2014, the Moto X Pure’s display 0.5 inch larger. though it’s still not as large as the Google Nexus 6. But at the end of the day, the overall size of the Moto X Pure can be considered massive and it shall not easily fit users’ pockets and be controlled by 1 hand (even with big hands users).

Not talking about the massive size, the Moto X Pure is quite an attractive and well-built device. The curvy back and the smoothly curved glass panel of the screen shall conform users’ palms. The metal M logo of Motorola is now smaller and placed in the elegant metal strip on the back.

However, please be aware that the Moto X Pure is just water repellent – which just can stand few water drops on the surface, unlike the Moto G (the cheaper device also released this year) – which is submersible underwater.

One more good thing is that users shall have better experience with music and movies audio with the dual front speakers being featured in this device as they both output the music and movies audio (phone call audio shall be ouput on speaker only through bottom grille).

As mentioned above, the most interesting thing on the Moto X Pure is its customizable look. Users are offered with many options in base color (black/ white), accent colors, back cover’s color and also back cover’s materials (such as bamboo, leather, wood or plastic).

For some users, such offer may trivial to them. But for me personally, having my own customized looking handset (without the phone case) make it truly mine among the ocean of similar-looking smartphones.

Talking about the big display, in maximum brightness setting, it’ll be easily and comfortable to view under direct sunlight outdoor. While the minimum brightness setting is very useful for you in the dark to usefully avoid eye-strain.

The viewing angle of the screen is also wide and the touching-responsiveness is also very good. The screen offers me comfortable experience as games, text, YouTube videos and HD movies are all displayed crisp and smooth. There are also 2 color modes for users to choose between under Display setting: vibrant and normal. Colors shall be vivid and bright under normal color mode, while colors shall be richer and more saturated under vibrant mode.


Motorola Moto X Pure Review Buy

Motorola Moto X Pure Review Buy

Software and features

The operating system being shipped with the Moto X Pure is the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. The device is also enriched with the Minimal Motorola software with various useful gesture controls. Comparing to the Nexus line and the Moto X Play Edition, the Moto X Pure is not the “purest” Android handset, unlie its name. However, it really close to the untouched Android experience so you do not need to be disappointed.

Firstly, as this device is unlocked and not sticked to any exclusive carrier, there will be no carrier bloatware available on the device. What users will get is the usual Google apps set such as: YouTube, Gmail or Google Chrome…

Secondly, you are still provided with many useful features via Moto apps without the overlaid user interface from the manufacture (like the TouchWiz in Samsung devices or the Sense in HTC devices). These useful features (Moto Assist, Voice, Display and Actions) can be accessed via just one single Moto application. For example, when you have a scheduled meeting noted in Google Calendare, the Moto Assist can adjust your setting and switch the device into vibration mode and all missed calls will be replied with a pre-composed message. Some more helpful gesture controls can be listed here are: launching camera by twisting the wrist while holding the phone or turning on/ off the flashlight by chopping hand in the air.

The Motorola Voice – the voice input feature which is similar to Google Now, works pretty well with both 3rd party and built-in applications. With this Voice, users can navigate with Maps, set alarm, post updates on Twitter/ Facebook or search for a title with one song is playing…

Lastly mentioning are the Moto Connect and Migrate. With Moto Migrate, users can input all apps, files and contacts from their previous devices into the Moto X Pure while with the Moto Connect, users can easily manage other Motorola’s gadgets they have (such as the wireless headphones or the Moto 360 smartwatch).

However, there are still some factors that bother me. For instance, in order to update Facebook status by Moto Voice, users need to update the latest version of Moto app. Moreover, while Moto Voice can help you dictate your posts on Facebook, it cannot do it on Twitter. With Twitter, the Moto Voice just can help you activate Twitter window to type your message you need to post. The chopping gesture (to turn on/off flashlight) also does not smoothly work.

Overall, as mentioned before, there’s not any substantial new software being offered in the Moto X Pure, there are just some small tweakes. Thus, frankly speaking, this new device offers you the same tricks as last year’s edition.


Camera and video

The rear camera on this device is the 21 MP one and the front cam is 5 MP. Video can be recorded up to 4K quality and 1080p quality with rear and front cam respectively.

There are not many editing features in the original camera app. However, HDR shooting mode, geo tagging, digital zoom, touch-focus module are all available in both cameras. Moreover, both rear and front cams have their own flash and night-shooting mode is also shipped in both cams. There are 2 aspect ratio for taken photos: the wide 16:9 or the squarish 4:3.

Slow-motion videos can be captured in both cameras with quality up to 720p. What more interesting is that photos can be captured during video recording. Audio is well picked up and there is no lag when the camera is moving.

Regarding the rear cam particularly, this camera can capture panoramic pictures, scan QR/ bar codes for a search via Google. As mentioned above, it can record ultra-HD video quality: 4K – which is at 3840 x 2160 pixel.

Picture quality is pretty good with decent look. Under outdoor light or good-condition indoor light, the photo colors are true to life and objects are crisp with well-defined details. However, when trying a close-up shot, the result does not satisfy me as the focus jus lock on and a clear photo was snapped. Under low-light conditions, digital noise and graininess are noticeable even exposure is somewhat improved.

As the front cam is wide-angle, there will be more space and content captured into the picture frame. In contrast, the picture corners shall be elongated.

Generally, the camera just does not greatly impress me as it just get things done well for everday shots, which are just good enough for online posting or printing out in small size.



The Moto X Pure is featured with 1.8 Ghz 6-core Snapdragon 808 of Qualcomm, which is lower in clock speed comparing to the predecessor (2.5 Ghz). However, the Snapdragon 808 still performs smoothly and swiftly. RAM is now 3GB and 3 options of internal storage are available: 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB, with expandable storage up to 128 GB by MicroSD card (this is not available in 2 previous versions).

As my real experience, I have encountered no lagg or sturring problems while opering daily tasks. Intensive games are also smoothly and quickly rendered with solid gaming experience.

Regarding the network that the device can work on, it’s wonderful that the Moto X Pure can works well both on GSM and CDMA technology.

As for call quality, it’s great with appropriate volume range, voice from both sides are loud and clear without any distortion or buzzing.

The battery in this device is non-removable which is powered at 3000mAh. You may expect this can help the device last long. But the result may not as good as you expect. Due to the result of our test, the device just can last for nearly 9 hours of continuous video streaming, while the predecessor – the Moto X with small screen and 2,300 mAh batter could last for more than 10 hours.

But good news for the Moto X Pure battery is the Turbo Power charger, which helps users quickly juice up the battery (around 1.25 hours to charge the phone from 0% to 100%).



There are pretty many good things being offered by the Moto X Pure such as: pure Android experience, attractive price, large expandable storage, customizable design and the capacity to work in all network technologies. Therefore, this device shall be a worth-considering choice for many users.

However, if money is not your issue, there will be many viable options for you in massive size handsets, which are more powerful, long-lasting and stylish.

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