Motorola Moto X Review

Overview of the Motorola Moto X

The second-generation Motorola Moto X was launched not long ago and it has set the step into the upper class of Android smartphones.

It is a really big challenge for one smartphone to stand out the Android smartphone market now.

Considering the current top Android models such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 , the Google Nexus 6 or new released HTC One M8, it has been always a big effort to enter the higher echelon of the Android phone market.

However since the second-generation Moto X from Motorola was released, it has attracted a lot of attention among the community of Android phone users and appeared frequently in the conversations about the top Android phones.

With the rich-feature list as well as the well-built structure, this flagship model of Motorola is an impressive model, satisfying a great number of smartphone aficionados.

Motorola Moto X Review Buy

Motorola Moto X Review Buy

Detail Review of the Motorola Moto X

Even though the design of the front is pretty similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy, the unique style comes in the design of the back and the sides of the Motorola Moto X. You will easily find a curvey frame which is made of metal at the phone side. In comparison with the plain rounded edges of the Apple iPhone 6, this frame looks pretty interesting. Especially, through the model I tested, the bamboom back is pretty impressive and it brings the warm feeling when I held the phone in hands. In addition, you find it joyful to hold this camera thanks to the therapeutic feel that this bamboo material brings up. This is pretty different from the cold feeling of other smartphones which is mainly manufactured with metal materials. You can also find other available options, such as teak wood or the football style surface.

While Apple or Sumsung have more unnatural spots in their smartphones such as the iPhone 6 or the Galaxy, the speaker of the Moto X is placed in the front panel and the audio is very great.

Although this speaker is not as strong as that of the HTC M8 but considering the overall audio quality, the Motor X is better than the flagship smartphone of Apple or Samsung.

The screen display of the Motorola Moto X is amazing as well. Both the image and video quality are very nice and sharp. Just only one drawback with this smartphone in regard of the hardware is about the phone camera. While the performance of the camera under the daylight is very good, there are some issues with the low light performance. If you are the one who likes to capture a large number of images or videos in indoor siutations, you may easily find more grain on these images and videos. For those who have got used to the interfaces of iPhone or Galaxy, it may take time for them to become familiar with the interface of the Motor X. For instance, when shooting a photo, because there is no virtual shutter button in the interface, you’ll have to hold down a specic point of the screen which you want to focus on and the camera automaticaly capture an image. To check this image, you can’t press any virtual buttons for still images, but have to swipe the screen of the phone. The interface of the Motor X differs from other smartphone interfaces.

At the time of reviewing the Verizon Moto X, this model used the Android 4.4 KitKat operating system. At that time, it has not runned the Android 5 Lollipop yet, but by mid – November, this system would have been used for the Moto X. The performance of the phone over the Verizon’s 4G LTE network is fast and I could watch YouTube videos without encountering any lag. The call quality was also nice.

One interesting feature of the Moto X is the inclusion of Spotlight apps which is an new interactive story telling app from Motorola. First, you will see a walking cartoon bug around the edges of the screen. Then, when tapping on this bug, a 3D story will be launched as an interactive Pixar film. For the two films that I watched, the camera perspective has been changed to allow me follow the film actions around. This new feature is wonderful, especially for surprising kids.

There is a motion sensor with this phone, which allows unlocking the screen from the sleeping mode when your hands have been waving over this screen. This option is great for checking the time while you are busy doing some stuff such as, garderning or cooking. However, it can be also distracting in case you accidentally touch the screen while reaching out to take something near your working desks, for example, a pen or a bag.

Finally, the Moto X has marked the Motorola’s step back to creating appealing phones. With the given functions and design, the Moto X is undoubtedly one of the greatest among the Android smartphone market.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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