OnePlus One Review

Overview of the OnePlus One

Looking for an inexpensive but offering a smooth performance, well, the OnePlus One can meet your expectations. With a wide range of price, starting from $299 to $349 corresponding to 16 GB and 64 GB version respectively, these world – version are the best deal for a 4G phone. If you just need basic features of a smart phone, you do not need to pay a premium for extra features of the fancy yet expensive ones such as HTC One M8 or SamSung Galaxy S5. It is such a waste when you actually do not need those fancy features.

 Furthermore, the shiny, smooth and catchy-eyes design of OnePlus One is a plus point for the low-priced smartphone. It can be kept easily in your pocket, however, it may be hard to use with one hand. There are also drawbacks with Android-based CyanogenMod operating system, camera and 4G radio. Additionally, the OnePlus One will not be sold worldwide, you can only order on OnePlus website. You cannot use it in advance unless you order it home. The manufacturers only provide online after sales service, therefore, you need to consider before making purchases. There is no physical store to support you when you need to talk in person about your problems.

Chinese, one of the biggest demand – growth for smartphone, is full of competitors. From wide – known brands such as: Apple, SamSung to local, brand- new brand such as: Xiaomi or Huawei. The low- cost yet acceptable feature and stable performance is the strategy that the OnePlus One manufacturer uses to gain market shares and overcomes other competitors.



Detail Review of the OnePlus One Smartphone


The manufacturers do not pay much attention to design to cut cost, it looks so much similar to Oppo 7. OnePlus One only has slight adjustments on design such as button layout or volume jack placement. It makes perfect sense when Oppo is one of the manufacturers.

The screen is 5.5 inch, offers full HD display and a resolution of 1,920x 1,080 pixels, Oneplus One can work well even under direct sunlight. Despite its big screen, it quite surprises that it weighs only 160g.

The OnePlus One is designed to have a back curve that enables users more convenient way to grasp and hold firmly in hand. Additionally, a slight adjustments in sizes of the buttons and volume rockers – shorter in length make it easier to interact with in comparison with the prototype. Like it also has three touch – sensitive buttons placed at the end of the screen. Depend on your preference, you can choose to use these buttons or not by turn in off in Setting. It is interesting that there is no sign of those buttons when you disable those unless you use the mobile phone under bright sunlight.

However, unlike other smartphones, you cannot expand the memory because there is no micro- SD card slot and you cannot remove the battery, either. Fortunately, you need to pay only extra $50 to get 64 GB version, quite a good deal when you compare it with other phones.


One of the things you need to consider when you decide to buy OnePlus One is that its 4G LTE does not work on every network. You better check out the list of bands that the One supports: 1, 3, 4, 7, 17, 38 and 40, the list of 4G LTE networks in your country to see whether it works or not. Since you cannot try, you had better be careful with it unless you want to regret your decision.

However, it is not a big deal if you do not use 4G, maybe you cannot utilize the fast data speed but you are still able to make calls, using 3G, Wi-Fi and so on. The only thing that disappoints you is you paying for what you do not use. It is such a waste.

Software and features

Based on Android KitKat 4.4, the OnePlus One runs on CyanogenMod 11S platform which enable an adjustment on desktop mode and the quick access to the camera or the LED light in comparison with Android. It is very convenient for users to open camera mode to take pictures or turn on LED light quickly. Additionally, you can activate voice control or double-tap the screen to start the mobile phone, but remember to set a password, otherwise you may find your phone activated when you put in your pocket. Also, you can set your customized themes according to your preference.

Thank to its platform, you do not need to feel like an outsider if you switch to OnePlus One since it is very similar to Android and very easy to use. It also furnishes with Google Play where you can find thousands of App.

However, it does have a drawback with the operating system. You may experience the system lag and need to reboot it before continuing using it. The instability of the system may be annoying if it happens frequently.


The OnePlus One enable users a quick access to Camera App as well as changing modes just by swiping up or down. However, you cannot expect its camera as good as a $700 phone. The quality of the picture is average and sometimes you may find it has so much noise in the picture due to the lighting condition.

Call quality

The call quality is quite comparable; you may not experience any distortion during the call. However, you may find it hard to hear the caller voice, especially in a noisy place. Fortunately, you can fix it by installing OTA updates. The case of dual stereo speakers is completely different. It is too loud and sometimes irritating.

Battery life

If you just make phone calls, keep your emails, Facebook, Instagram on push, it will last for nearly one day. But if you use it for entertain or using it all the time, you better off keep your charger with you.


Buying a smartphone nowaday is even harder than years ago due to the saturated market which have thousands of choices. Therefore, you need to think smart to buy what you can utilize all  of the phone’s features. For a price like OnePlus One, it is such a bargain to bring it home as long as your home network supports it.

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