Oppo N3 Review

The bottom line

Score: 7/10

The N3 is one of the flagship models from Oppo. Its design follows the traditional style of this manufacturer. However, one of the very new features is the camera, which is located on the top of the phone and can be flipped for taking better selfies as well as panoramas compared to using the cameras of competitors.

Real enthusiasts will find it wonderful to have the best technical features with the N3, but something needs to be scarified for this – it’s the design simplicity.

Oppo N3 Review Buy

Oppo N3 Review Buy

The Oppo N3 can’t compete with the Galaxy Note 4 in cases that someone has a lot of money to buy a phone, but it is a strong competitor for some others, especially HTC Desire EYE, one of the smartphones which are very good at taking selfies. The N3 is not a revolutionary model from Oppo, but obviously, this model is worth the consideration for the early months of 2015.Bottom of Form


  • The camera is good
  • The interface has been customized a lot
  • There are many hardware extras
  • Fingerprint scanner is nice


  • The phone is large and chunky
  • Software is a bit glitchy

The price of the reviewed model is £449.00

Main specifications:

– IPS LCD screen measures 5.5 inches and has the 1080p resolution;

– The phone runs 2.3GHz Snapdragon 801 CPU; ColorOS 2.0 and the Android 4.4 operating system

– It’s manufactured by OPPO Digital

The Design of the Oppo N3

The N3 does not priotize the same things as many other competitive models from Samsung, LG or Sony. Both the look and feel are kind of large, heavy and quite thick.

Recently, it’s pretty common to see that the expensive smartphones have been designed to be more and more slender, even they have large screens – but the N3 does not follow this direction. This phone is pretty chunky due to the 9.9-mm thickness and 192g weight. It’s even chunkier than one of the similar model – the LG G3 with the thickness of 9.9mm and the weight of 149 gram.

The Oppo N3 is obviously different from other Android flagship models. Therefore, if a thin and light smartphone is what you’re looking for, perhaps the N3 is not of the options. Although the size of the N3 is pretty similar to the Galaxy Note 4, the latter is still much lighter and thinner.

We not only talk about the numbers in the specification list as it’s easy to find some inconvenience in holding and using this phone.

Although the rear is made of plastic, the phone feels very well-built. The outermost frame is bordered by a metal band. You’ll find the phone very strong thanks to the aluminium alloy exoskeleton in which the above band is just part of. This is also used in Oppo R5 and it tough and similarly strong as well.

However, there is a lack of the cohesion in the design. For instance, part of the camera area is made of fake leather and one raised plastic stiching – it seems to be that something has been imitated from Samsung. But you can’t find this anywhere else on this smartphone. Oppo may thoroughly consider this decision, but it is not all that good – we think so.

The feel is not great, too. The metal band gives the phone the well-built feel, but also due to this tough border, it is a little bit uncomfortable to hold the phone in hands. In addition, it has made the phone become larger and heavier than most other large Android competitors.

The specifications of the N3

Oppo has focused a lot on the list of the phone’s hardware features. Some of the features that were not included in the R5 have been given out in the N3: a 3.5mm headphone jack, a microSD memory card slot, and 4G that’s most supported for networks in the western countries.

If you are a real enthusiast, you will like to look at more features of the Oppo N3. In addition to the microSD slot, the N3 has a very large storage capability, up to 32GB. You can make use of this space as a second SIM slot. The supported Wi-Fi ac type brings the greater range and speed than the Wi-Fi n. This Wi-Fi n is just commonly found in top-end smartphones.

The NFC connectivity is also supported. But among the feature list of the N3, it lacks the IR blaster. The IR blaster can be found in some smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S5 or LG G3, which enables you to use the phone to control the TV or other entertainment devices at home. What a pity that it’s not included in the Oppo N3.

The fingerprint scanner, as found with Huawei Ascend Mate 7, is located in the back panel and it performs very well. You won’t have to worry that this screen is continually on alert because it’s located on top of a visible clicky button which’s used for waking up the phone.

The maximum number of fingerprints that can be added is five, and the index finger performs the best. There is no doubt that this is one of the best fingerprint scanners found in a smartphone. It’s even more convenient than that fingerprint scanner of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Unluckily, you cannot use the rear button as a key for waking up the phone. This is embarrassing because it’s not convenient to use the specialized power by your thumb unless the phone is held by your left hand.

The LED light is also a nice little feature, which will glow to notify the coming messages, emails and others. This LED is located under the curved rear part of the metal frame, not the top of the phone because that’s the position for the camera.


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