Oppo R5 Review

The bottom line: 6/10

At the moment, no smartphone is as thin as the R5 from Oppo. With the thickness of 4.85mm, there is no doubt that this has become the thinnest smartphone in the world.

In comparison with the Apple iPhone 6, this R5 is even 30% thinner. But obviously, to have this super thin size, the phone has to sacrifice some other aspects of the design.

There is no built-in headphone jack and at the price of $549, £400-ish, the battery life of the R5 is similar to that of some other Android smartphones.  All of these make people curious about this model.

Key Features:

– The processor is Snapdragon 615 CPU;

– Its RAM’s storage capability is up to 2GB;

– The phone runs ColorOS 2.0 & Android 4.4

– Manufactured by OPPO Digital

Oppo R5 Review Buy

Oppo R5 Review Buy


Oppo R5 – Design

Although it’s super thin, the Oppo R5 still brings you the well-built feel. When looking at it from a distance, it seems to be weak or bendy, but the fact shows the opposite thing.

While aluminium is pretty soft, so it can be bended, like you can see the entire iPhone 6 ‘bendgate’ fiasco, the metal frame of the R5 is very strong and hard. This frame borders the edges of the phone.

The aluminium material is used for the phone back. This is also good. But it’s easier for bending the phone in half. For the purpose of testing phone, we may have to do this to ensure about the phone strength.

Anyway, the phone is very well-built. We don’t see any clear compromises in this case.

If not anyone told you that the R5 was the world thinnest smartphone, could you know this? Of course, you can easily feel its thinness, but when you hold it in hands, you may not find it as comfortable as expected for more gently contoured smartphone.

The front of the camera is covered by hard Gorilla Glass and the back is made of aluminium. Between these two parts, there is a slightly raised steel frame beyond. But one thing you should notice is that the phone has to sacrifice some other things for this super thin size. The phone is comfortable enough in hands but if you try comparing it with the Galaxy S5 from Samsung, but it does not really feel expensive.

In addition, there are more concerning lacks. Instead of including the headphone jack in the Oppo R5 anymore, now an adapter will be used in which one end is slotted into a Micro Use port and the other end is connected with a headphone jack.

This may cause some significant inconveniences in usage: it’s impossible to listen to music while the phone is being charged and the adapter must be always taken along. This reason makes some retailers consider giving certain discount for the R5.

Moreover, the phone lacks a memory card slot as well. It will be ok for installing some games and apps with the 16GB internal storage capability, but in general, it’s pretty inconvenient when the memory is not expandable and the phone doesn’t have a standard headphone jack. This phone is not really good for playing the media.

Thanks to the thin design, the phone looks impressive with it super slim and pure steel frame. But just after using it in about 5 minutes, you will easily like to back to the classic design.

Not the entire body of the Oppo R5 has the same thickness. The camera is slightly raised from the body – it just does not fit into the whole frame thickness. Because of this design, the camera may get damaged more easily, but Oppo has designed a metal ring surrounding its glass, which helps protect the camera from certain scratches.

Oppo R5 – Connectivity

Obviously. Oppo has to scarify some features for the thin design, so it won’t perfectly meet the demands of every market.

In the specification, the phone has included the 4G support, but not on band 20. Consequently, you can get the phone connected to the 4G in some networks such as Vodafone, O2 or other less popular ones such as Tesco, LycaMobile or GiffGaff. It still can work, but just on the 3G mobile internet only.

Even for famous brand names like Galaxy S5 or LG G3, there are still some lacks, and no exception for the Oppo R5. In this smartphone, an IR transmitter is not supported, so you cannot use the phone as a common remote. The Wi-Fi ac is not found with the R5 as well.


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