Posh Orion Pro X500 Review

The Bottom Line

The Orion Pro’s disappointing features completely overshadow its low price and dual-SIM setup.

The Orion Pro is pretty cheap smartphone and the nice thing is that it supports dual-SIM slots. However, the feature list is not good enough even for those who like to buy very cheap smartphones.


The price is very reasonable, only 140 $

The phone is unlocked

There is no need to sign a contract for buying the phone


The image quality is really good

The screen is of low resolution

The Android Jelly Bean system is outdated

Posh Mobile has shown us a fact about how great effort it takes to sell a good low-priced smartphone. Orion Pro is an example for this. Some of its strong points can be listed such as: it supports two SIMs, the screen measures 5 inches, the processor clocks at 1.3 GHz and the resolution is 5 MP. However, the performance is not really good. In addition, there is not any highlighted feature with the screen and the phone feels pretty inexpensive.

Posh Orion Pro X500 Review Buy

Posh Orion Pro X500 Review Buy

Currently, Posh Mobile is also a new player in the emerging smartphone market, aiming at Latin America and Americans who like to buy inexpensive devices. Beside the low prices, the products from this manufacturer also supports the compatibility all over the world. Regarding this aspect, it seems to be similar to VeryKool – also a manufacturer in the same rank.

The MSRP of the Orion Pro is $140, but it can be lower if you take time to search on Amazon or other online retailers. In comparison to other similar dual-SIM smartphones, its price is lower. But keep in mind that the overall performance is not good. Therefore, you should consider it thoroughly before buying it.


With the dimensions of 5.66 x 2.87 x 0.40 inches (equivalent to 144 x 73 x 10.3 mm), this is pretty large and slightly clumsy. Especially in case that your hands are small, it’s not convenient to use this phone with just one hand. Meanwhile, as for other phablets, I can handle this phone more easily when using both of my hands. The weight of 6.4 ounces (equivalent to 181.43 grams) also contributes to the hardship in using the phone with just one hand.

The entire body of the Orion Pro is covered by polycarbonate plastic and the touch for finishing the back button feels nice. While fingerprints or dirty things are easily left on a lot of smartphones, luckily you won’t find these on the Orion Pro. The smartphone is available in four color options: blue, black, red and white. What I have reviewed is in the blue color, which is pretty nice looking and stylish.

Under the rear cover is the location of the dual-SIM compartments, microSD card compartment and the battery. However, it will require a big effort to take off this cover. You can see a tiny notch on the left corner of the phone bottom which can be pried up by a certain tool such a tiny screwdriver. To get a SIM card into the phone is also hard, which is true for both the dual SIMs. For other phones, it’s seldom hard like that.

The phone uses a IPS LED display, which measures 5 inches and its resolution is pretty low, only  980 x 540 pixels. This screen looks fuzzy. The most concerning thing with this screen is the limited sharpness of the text, so it’s not easy to read it in the average size. Therefore, you may need to set the large size for the reading convenience.

In addition to problems on the display screen, the colors don’t look realistic as well. Moreover, the response of the screen is not fast and it takes a lot of time to carry out my taps.

The three items including the capacitive menu, home as well as back buttons are located underneath the display. The Orion Pro differs from other Android smartphone in one aspect: you can only have recent applications displayed by tapping and holding the home, not the menu button.

Software features

Orion Pro is not a smartphone with the most updated Android features. It’s operated by the Jelly Bean 4.2.2 system, which is pretty outdated, compared to the newest 5.0 Lollipop Android system. Although the Android 4.4 KitKat is now available for lower-end smartphones, old versions of the operating system has been commonly found with a lot of devices. This is embarrassing.

There are not many additional features with this phone as well despite the inclusion of a customizable design. To adjust colors for the menus, you just need to pick one among six available themes, known as “Styles”. However, icons for these themes are pretty outdated. And the overall phone looks typical in the style of Android smartphones. The app drawer can be horizontally scrolled. The display lock is simple and there is swipe-down shade for informing notifications.

Common apps are found with the Orion Pro, including Gmail, Map and Calendar. In addition, you can control all of your files with the file manager feature, surfing webs through the Opera Mini browser. The sound recorder is also supported. Besides, the Posh Mobile includes the Posh Apps, through which you can get free apps from this manufacturer, but the options are limited. Don’t worry about this app, as you can find many similar features with greater experiences from the Google Play Store.

One nice point with the Orion Pro is the inclusion of the audio profiles features, which enables you to adjust the sound and volume properly for certain environments, for example, the night time or a conference. Moreover, you can easily set the specific time for this phone to power off or turn on. This feature is not commonly found in many Android phones.

Camera and video

The camera of the Orion Pro is not really good and its 5MP resolution of the main camera is disappointing. The photos easily get blurred, soft, or washed out although I tried hard to get the focus.


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