Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

Overview of Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone

The Galaxy S5 from Samsung uses a fingerprint sensor and it has the capability to operate under the underwater in a short time.

As a typical Android smartphone, the Galaxy product line has been a strong player in the smartphone market. For a certain time in the past, the only clear competitor for this product line is the iPhone from Apple. Until the time when some other manufacturers have released impressive models such as the great HTC One M8 or LG G Flex 2 with the unique design, Samsung has to face with the strong competition from many other smartphones in the Android ecosystem. As I have used one of the Galaxy S variants since the Vibrant, for instance, now I also want to try the M8 after I had a chance to test one Galaxy S product.

That’s why the release of the Galaxy S5 is an important step of Samsung in maintaining the sales volume as well as the mind share, compared to other Android smartphones. And Samsung has chosen the “back-to-basics” design for the Galaxy S5. One more time, this is a bit strange to me because when Samsung has released the Galaxy S series, Samsung had already done the great job with the basics.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review Buy

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review Buy

Review of Samsung Galaxy S5

Whenever Samsung releases a new Galaxy smartphone, the change in the screen is the most noticeable thing. The screen measurement has increased up to 5.1 inches. While the above mentioned Vibrant is very short, the new Galaxy is a real “phablet”. I have thought that the screens of Samsung smartphones won’t continue increasing, but perhaps not right now. The nice thing about this large screen is the beauty of the AMOLED display which has the resolution up to 1080p. There is no doubt that one of the best things of Samsung product lines is the screen display. The vivid colors as well as the high resolution amount make the screen very sharp. And it is not as grainy as I have seen in the G Flex.

It’s a bit hard to use this screen directly under the sunlight but in comparison with other screen that I’ve had a chance to test, the screen of Galaxy 5 is still better.

Samsung has included the newest variant of TouchWiz skin into the interface of the Galaxy S5 and the highlighted feature of this interface is the palette, which is very colorful. In addition, there are more interesting effects, but the bells and whistles are not as nice as those of HTC’s Sense. I have tested the Verizon model and its processor is the Qualcomm 2.5GHz quad-core one supported by the 2GB RAM and the stronger graphics processing feature. The design of the phone is pretty stylish and the performance in downloading and streaming is also fast on the 4G network of the Verizon model. You can select one among the range of internal storage capabilities from 16GB to 32GB, but the maximum capability can be up to 128GB if a microSD card is used. The battery now has been up to 800mAh, so it allows you to watch videos during 10 or so hours.  The talk time is as twice as that. Similar to the previous versions, it’s possible to replace the battery if you want to bring spares along. This is one of the nice points of the Galaxy S5 in comparison with the closed unibody designs of the HTC M8 or Apple iPhone.

In term of the design, the typical look of Samsung smartphones, including the Galaxy S5, is plasticky, especially at its back cover. This design is nice, but not as sleek as the above mentioned unibody styles of some competitors. Despite of the plastic back, there are some additional texture which brings more expensive look for Samsung smartphones recently. You can also find shiny, ridged metal rim in the phone’s sides which looks a bit too busy for me though that’s probably nitpicking on my part.

The most noticeable aspect in the design of the Galaxy S5 is that you can use the phone under the rain or it is even still ok if you use it under the one-meter-in-depth water within 30 minutes. Therefore, using this phone will be very convenient when you come to the water park or the pool in the summer or when you may unluckily encounter toilet accidents. Whenever you do not install the back cover in the right way, there will be a warning system to inform you about this. Samsung also integrates a fingerprint sensor into the S5’s back. Currently, because there is no standard microUSB port with the Galaxy 5, the number of connection options is limited when you are in a hurry. It may cause some inconvenience as well when you have to pop the port cover off and dock with it.

The phone performs well in the daytime, the images are very sharp and the video quality is nice. In regard of these features, the Galaxy 5 can be well compared to the greatest smartphones in the current market. There is one drawback with the Galaxy S phones: it’s about the performance under the inadequate lighting conditions and no exception for the Galaxy 5. You can activate the audio feature via a small opening in the 5’s back but this can’t be compared with the excellent pair of front-facing speakers of the HTC M8.

Is the “back to basics” an effective approach of the Galaxy S5? As I discussed above, this approach was never a problem for the main products of the Galaxy line. Actually, this is what Samsung has done pretty well. However, beside the great screen displays, you won’t find any “wow factor” as it can be found with the M8. Finally, the Galaxy 5 has still remained one of the best phones in the market, not only as an Android phone, but considering the overall performance and design. Now, the topic about “whether the Galaxy 5 has been the top smartphone in the market” is more controversial than it had been before.

Final rating: 4/5 stars.

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