Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review


Overview of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


– The phone brings the premium feel

– Fancy Edge screen is nice

– The colors of the AMOLED display are lively

– The phone is more solid than most smartphones with the 5.1-inch measurement.

– The performance is fast and smooth


The price is pretty high

The Edge screen is not useful as expected

The battery life is not really good

Detailed Review of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Street Price: Rs 62,000 for the 32 GB version

Previously, Samsung was not appraised for the sophisticated design of its smartphones, so this manufacturer decided to release two flagship models recently – the Samsung Galaxy S6 & the S6 Edge. Among these two models, the design of the S6 Edge is new and very impressive. But, how does this flagship help Samsung compete with other smartphones at the same class?

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review Buy

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review Buy


Finally, Samsung decided not to include any plastic part in one of its smartphones. The frame of the S6 Edge is made of aluminum, which brings you a very well-built feel. The back of the phone is covered with glass, as similarly found with the iPhone 4S or Nexus 4. With this new change, the device feels more premium, but smudges tag along.

There is no significant change in the core design of the Galaxy S smartphones. But, the phone seems to look futuristic with the curved edge which is made of glass. Holding it in hands, you will feel the phone thinner. For the models in the Galaxy S series, part of the cameras is often raised a little bit from the back, and the Galaxy S6 Edge is not the exception

The construction of this phone is among the top classes. Although the screen is very large and hardware is powerful, the Galaxy S6 Edge is very light with the weight of about 130 grams.

However, the amazing design goes together with some trade-off. For example, the Galaxy S6 Edge is not protected from water or dust. In addition, because the back is made of glass, two panels of the phone will be more crackable.


With the new fancy edge screen, the resolution of the S6 Edge is also higher. Meanwhile, the size and type of two panels remain unchanged. The Super AMOLED display measure 5,1 inches. The colors are accurate and vivid. The 1440×2560 resolution makes the screen amazingly sharp.

Thanks to the Gorilla Glass 4, there is no need to concern about the scratches in the display. The back panel is also covered with the same glass.


The Galaxy S6 Edge uses 64 bit octa-core Exynos 7420 chip manufactured by Samsung itself and 3 GB DDR4 RAM. There are three available storage capabilities: 32 GB, 64 GB, or 128 GB – similar to Apple. And the S6 Edge has not included any microSD card slot.

The camera has the 16-MP resolution. In terms of the connecting capability, the phone supports Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.1, A-GPS and IR blaster. In addition, the NFC connectivity is also supported. Similar to other flagship smartphones, a nano-SIM is required. The phone is operated with a 2600 mAh battery.

Fingerprint Sensor

You can quickly unlock the phone by using the fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint reader is located in the Home button. The performance of this scanner is very great. You just need to put the finger on the sensor and it will carry out the task pretty fast. It’s as nice as the TouchID of an iPhone.


The Galaxy S6 Edge’s operated by the Android 5 Lollipop system. The colors under the TouchWiz UI are brighter and livelier. But the number of options has been reduced. Samsung has included the Briefing pane among the home screens. It is pretty similar to the BlinkFeed of HTC, which allows you to select a collection of certain news that you are interested in.

Like the iPhone, there is a parallax effect with the wallpaper of the Galaxy S6 Edge. The good news is that the Galaxy S6 Edge supports the Themes feature, in which you can make changes on the design and size of the interface, icons. In addition to the preloaded themes, you can download the available themes as well. There is a list of many nice themes available.

In regard of the performance, the Galaxy S6 Edge works very well. The phone can deal with processor-intensive multitasks or heavy games easily.

Edge Screen

There is an ‘info strips’ that is to display notifications or notification from weather, sport or stocks. A night clock can be also put on the Edge Screen.

In addition, the People Edge feature is a new nice feature. You can select five contacts for adding the color codes on the edge screen. You will immediately know who is contacting you thanks to the color of the notification. This is really a fancy feature but I find that it is not really useful.


The earphones produce very smooth sound outputs. The SoundAlive feature allows you to find tune audio. The bass offered with this handset is great.

The S6 Edge can play videos which have the quality of up to 4K. Not only that 4K quality on the phone screen, certainly no one will complain about other additional features.

As I discussed at the beginning, the edge screen is a nice design change in terms of the aesthetic aspect. But, notice that there will be reflections near the curved part while you are watching videos.


The camera of the Galaxy S6 Edge is a very snappy unit with the resolution of 16 megapixels. There are many options in this camera, such as: Virtual shot, Selective focus, Panorama, Slow motion and Pro. The last one – Pro is a special option. The manual settings in this option are very elaborate, including:  Contrast, Saturation, Highlights and Temperature.


The photos shot under the daylight are of impressive sharpness. The noise is not visually noticeable. Thanks to the Optical Image Stabilization, the performance of the S6 Edge under low light is greater than that of the previous models. However, it still cannot be compared with the Huawei Honor 6 Plus or advanced Lumia smartphones.


In comparison with the Full HD support, the 4K UHD recording capability of the S6 Edge is amazing. Both the details and the stabilization of the videos are great.


The 2600 mAh battery allows the phone to play videos during 12 hours with the brightness of the screen set to sixty percent. But there is one unusual thing with this phone: it costs more power in the idle mode. I guess that this is due to a bug in the software, but Samsung will fix it right in the next update.

The Bottom Line

With the price of Rs 62,000, there is no doubt that the phone is absurdly expensive. Personally, I won’t spend more than Rs 30,000 to buy a smartphone. However, if your budge is enough to show off, the S6 Edge should be considered as it has a unique design with the futuristic screen. It’s the fancy look, not the included features that drive people to buy this phone over the Galaxy S6. It’s just that simple.

The S6 Edge seems to strongly compete with the LG G4. But, until the S6 Edge has an incredibly high sales volume in India, it is a top smartphone in the Android market.


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