Samsung Galaxy S6 Review

Overview of the Samsung Galaxy S6

For long, we have expected that Samsung smartphones won’t include the creaky plastic as well as bloated software any more. While the Galaxy product line is the flagship model, users have not had the chance to obtain the greatest experience from a top Android smartphone. But finally, there is a change with the Samsung Galaxy S6. You won’t see any cheap plastic cover or faux leather stitching of the previous versions, now the Gorilla Glass is very nice. The phone brings the sturdy feel thanks to the curved aluminum.

In comparison with the iPhone 6, the design of the S6 also attracts people’s attention. When you look at this phone from a distance, you may not distinguish it from the iPhone, but when you come closer, the most noticeable difference comes in the camera bulge and the home button. In the past, there are some similarities between Apple and Samsung, but now when copycats are more and more serious, the design innovation will become important than ever.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review Buy

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review Buy

The changes of the Galaxy S6 are very amazing. And we cannot deny impressive features such as the 64-bit octa-core processing unit and 577 PPI display. It is definitively Samsung. And this is the most powerful smartphone that we have experienced. Therefore, it can easily earn our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

Detail Review of the Samsung Galaxy S6


Compare: 9/10

A change in the design of the Galaxy series has been desired for long, but just until the Galaxy S6 was released, we have seen a bevy of aesthetic improvements. Regarding the size, this phone is pretty thin like the iPhone 6, which measures just 0.27 inches. The front and back of the phone is made of the Gorilla Glass and there is a rim of hardy aluminum between these two faces.

There are a lot of similarities between the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Apple iPhone 6, such as: the metal trim of the home buttons, the position of the speaker grilles or headphones jacks and the omnidirectional fingerprint scanners as well. The comparison between these two smartphones is like playing spot-the-difference. It’s the Samsung’s Galaxy S6 that has marked a point in the line for separating homages from copycatting.

In terms of the look, the S6 cannot be as impressive as the iPhone from Apple. You may find the Note 6 slightly harsher when holding it in hands. On the one hand, this is because of the bevels along the phone sides. On the other hand, it is the wide gap between metal and glass that irritates your fingers when swiping the edge. While the curves are not really thin, the very large back camera sometimes causes a bit convenience.

However, to be honest, the above mentioned things are nitpicks. Look at the S6, you won’t understand why you can use the plastic cover of the previous S5 or the Note line for too long. The Galaxy S6 is an amazing phone and its display screen is very gorgeous. The resolution of this 5.1-inch screen is 2560 by 1440 pixels and the phone has a fabulous 577 PPI. And this is one of the sharpest screens that we have experienced.


Compare: 10/10

Almost all people have acknowledged that the larger amount of resolution does not always mean that the image quality is better. The S6 has a 16MP image sensor, which is enough for shooting wonderful photos. In addition to the above proven image processing unit, the super large and new ƒ/1.9 aperture is a nice advantage, especially for shooting photos under the low light. As a result, this camera goes with one of the greatest smartphones in the world.

The colors are vivid, the exposure is great and the focus of this camera is very sharp. The iPhone from Apple is often considered the benchmark for comparison. The Galaxy S6 does not outperform the Cupertino flagship, it’s just about on par. Because the iPhone has the capability to capture 240 frames per second, the slow-motion recording is better and the video stabilization is steadier. However, the phone uses an impressive the image stabilization technology based on the OIS support. Therefore, if you want to shot a 4K video, you can ignore this great capability of the S6.

Forget any competitions among the back cameras of smartphones, the front-facing camera of the Galaxy S6 is the greatest one in the market. You can shoot nice selfies with the resolution of up to 5 MP. Meanwhile, the video resolution is up to 1440p, four times that of a common 720p HD. The images are not of odd stretching when you have the phone moved around frequently, and it easily become one of the best selfie cameras in the current market.

Internal Specs

Compare: 10/10

The release of the Galaxy S6 has brought a big change in the Android smartphone market. The Android smartphones now are available with 64-bit processors. In addition, in the Galaxy S6, you will find two processors which stay next to each other and each one has four cores. Therefore, the S6 easily become the fastest smartphone at the moment. In comparison with all other smartphones that we have tested, the speed of the S6 is very impressive.

We have carried out user experience test, and although there is strong under-the-hood strengths, the running system still encounter some issues in performing some tasks such as the simple swiping between the home screens. We thought that the problem does not involve the hardware. Instead, it may be due to the bloated TouchWiz. The performance has been better for the latest test, but in comparison with a pure Android experience, it is still not that snappy.

Battery Life

Compare: 7.5/10

There can be certain compromise in creating a thin and nice-looking smartphone and look at the Galaxy S6, this compromise involves in the removable battery. Commonly for the Galaxy S line, you can switch out the batter when you are on the way, which has been an important point of this product line. Instead of the plastic in the back, now the S6 includes the slick glass, which has led to a more appealing phone with the thinner size and sturdier feel. But don’t forget that you may get stuck with your phone battery.

Through our test on the battery of the S6, the duration for browsing webs is about 8.5 hours. Most of the webs are mainly white on the large and high resolution screen and this causes the phone to drain the battery in the fastest way. Therefore, the test on web browsing is the most stressful test. 8.5 hours is an impressive number, but it has not been fantastic. The duration for iPhone 6 Plus can be up to 10 hours, and that of the Xperia Z3 from Sony is up to more than 12. But it’s nice to have the battery work well in 8.5 hours, as long as you don’t forget to charge the battery each night.

For wireless charging, you can charge the Galaxy S6 in the two ways: Qi or Powermat standards. If you prefer to use wires, the fast charging technology can be very useful, in which you can obtain about fifty percent capacity for your battery in less than 30 minutes. While an extra battery is still very convenient, this alternative is very nice.


Compare: 7.5/10

In comparison with previous versions, the Galaxy S6 is truly a flaship model that’s ready to shine in the Android market. Together with software bells and whistles, there have been many additional hardware features. Users can make use of Bluetooth 4.1 or NFC features which can be compatible with any wireless device. In addition, audiophiles will be very happy with the aptX support of the phone.

You won’t see the very large and quirky USB 3.0 connector any more. Instead, the phone uses an USB 2.0 for transferring images or videos from the device to a computer. However, currently, Wi-Fi has become more and more popular for uploading the videos onto the cloud system. You may be slightly disappointed to update that the Galaxy S6 is not water resistant. Therefore, it will be impossible to use your phone in a water environment, for example under the shower or in the pool.

Fortunately, there is a useful fingerprint scanner in the S6. While iPhones uses a very easy and reliable Touch ID technology, the previous versions of Samsung didn’t have a really nice fingerprint scanner. But now, the new fingerprint scanner is a big improvement. This scanner is located on the home button and also omnidirectional like Touch ID. It performs well from any angle. It’s slightly slower to plug this new fingerprint into the system than it is for Touch ID, but finally you will get the same result.

Bottom Line: 9.1/10

After having been desired for long, finally, Samsung has released a wonderful smartphone into the market. It’s great to see that the cheap parts from the previous version have been changed by the aluminum and glass materials of the more well-built feel when you hold the phone in your hands. Especially, the 64-bit octa-core processor adds more appeal for such a nicely-designed phone. This is also considered the fastest smartphone that you have had a chance to experience.

There is no doubt that the S6 is exactly what you should get in case that you are fan of Android. Unquestionably, this is the greatest Android phone all over the world, and in overall, it is also the best smartphone now. While the new iPhone version – iPhone 6 is very appealing with a nicer camera and slightly design style – but it’ll demand a double take.

It has not been perfect yet. But until now, it’s close enough.


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