ZTE Grand X Review



  • The design is nice
  • The phone features Vanilla Android ICS
  • At this price point, Tegra 2 is strong for playing games
  • It brings great value for the amount you spent


  • Gets hot under pressure
  • Can’t handle most HD video
  • Some build quality quibbles

The price of the reviewed model is £189.99

Key Features:

  • The screen measure 4.3 inch with the resolution of 540 x 960 pixel screen & it’s a TFT model
  • The phone runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich &
  • The process is a Tegra 2 dual-core type, clocked at 1GHz
  • It supports up to 4GB internal memory;
  • Manufactured by ZTE Corporation

With the price of £189.99 only, The Grand X model is a smartphone from a China manufacturer – ZTE. It uses a dual-core processor. The screen is big and its camera is half-decent. For such a specification list, the price of the phone is £189.99 only, which brings the competitive advantage for the Grand X over other rivals. Let’s see how the ZTE Grand X competes in its market segment.


There are a lot of similarities between the ZTE Grand X and the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2. The manufacturer clearly defines it as a typical smartphone in the mid-to-high end segment, not the one for impressive or different design style. At first glances, it looks pretty similar to other smartphones but you’ll find it worth your money when looking into the details.

ZTE Grand X Review Buy

ZTE Grand X Review Buy


The ZTE Grand X is pretty well-built compared to other smartphones which are more well-known and sold at higher prices. The plastic back cover is a bit rubberized while the front cover is made of glass. It’s easier to keeps the phone in hands thanks to an embossed texture in the rear cover. The phone does not follow the unibody style and despite not including any metal pieces, the Grand X still feels well-built among top-end smartphones.

But when you try challenging this phone slight more, you’ll find several compromises. The front appears not be as well-built as expected. In addition, the soft keys in the front are not really elegant and there’s no backlighting with these keys.


The ZTE Grand X supports 4GB internal memory space but you just can use half of this storage, so you may need a memory card. The microUSB socket is located in the left edge and a headphone jack measuring 3.5 mm stays on the top of the phone. But you should notice that despite these available connections, don’t expect to have dedicated results. The microSD compartment is put under the plastic rear cover. In case that you like to have the phone operated as a media player, a large microSD card is obviously necessary.

The ZTE Grand X supports some nice connectivity options. You can make use of the following features: Wi-Fi n, Bluetooth 4.0 or fast HSPA mobile internet. In addition, Wi-Fi hotspot is also supported. Although you won’t find Near-Field Communication feature (NFC) with this smartphone, this may be added in the future.

This lack may be due to the fact that ZTE wants to reduce the costs. But some features including two great cameras, noise cancellation and other pretty good specifications are nice. The smartphone uses a Tegra 2 dual-core processor, clocked at 1GHz and has 1GB storage capability. Although it can’t be compared to other high-class smartphones, for example Samsung Galaxy S3, ZTE Grand X is still a nice phone with a lot of updated features.


Several similarly-prices smartphones include a dual-core processing unit, for example Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 or Sony Xperia U. But the screen of ZTE Grand X is much better.

The screen measure 4.3 inches and its resolution is 540 x 960. Actually, this resolution is often found in top-end smartphone of the previous year. Consequently, although it’s not so impressive, it’s still pretty surprising to find this specification at this price.

Especially, this screen is a TFT LCD which performs as well as an IPS screen. The viewing angles are nice and the colors are vibrant. Even the small texts are sharp thanks to the 256dpi pixel density, but you’ll have to keep your eyes very close to these texts. In addition, an auto brightness setting is supported but it may be a bit challenging to use it under strong sunlight.

You’ll find the five-point multi-touch of the capacitive touchscreen a bit uncommon, but it’s still easy to use. That’s a not a big issue as you don’t often use some many fingers on the screen, right?


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